The Marconi Syndrome

Here are short descriptions of the ten sections of PhonedUpnShutUp …

I – Marconi Mysterious Deaths

Begins question of comparing deaths in “Defence Marconi” to certain deaths in “Entertainments Marconi” – radio & television. GEC-Marconi changing its name to British Aerospace, etc.

II – Shani Warren & Martin Wilson

Detailed account of death of Shani Warren, the only account mentioning the police consulted a knot expert as to whether she could have tied her own hands with spark plug cables behind her own back.
The details of the death of a ten-year-old boy called Martin Wilson, found hanging in BBC TV’s Elstree Studios.
Mentions five TV workers, in time period randomly chosen for analysis, murdered their lovers.

III – Willie McCrae & Russell Harty

Three people describing TV employment as very unpleasant.
Deaths of Willie McCrae and Russell Harty, with additional items of information privy to the site-author.

IV – Don Best

Death of Don Best in 1988, who was “Manager for Development Services for BBC Radio”, a rather marconi way to end.

V – Marconi Surnames

Author points out an 18-year-old student who merely had the surname of Marconi, died a mysterious death reminiscent of the Marconi scientists’ deaths. Also, a clarinettist who had to look up the surname of Marconi for an expert on clarinet playing, then died an extremely mysterious death.
A hitman confesses to author that he murdered a policeman for the Mafia then phoned round the media saying “I did it. I don’t want that in there.”
Fiona Mathieson’s mysterious death, whilst a radio actress on the Archers in 1987, beginning to be referred to.

VI – Secret Societies

This section could reasonably be read first, conveying that which secret society members disclose to potential members.

VII – Human Mutilations

Hyper-confidential description of act of filming human mutilations for BBC, top secret filming activity with very unpleasant peremptoriness from two directors of filming procedure, a film which from the outset is understood by BBC staff is never to be seen by the public. The personal unpleasantness of these two directors induced confidante to desire to talk about them.
This section also refers to the Royal Family keeping the actual date of the death of the Queen Mother out of the papers, and announcing it six months after it actually happened.

VIII – Hugh Grant Prostitute Story

This story was fabricated to simply keep Liz Hurley and himself in the public eye. BBC suppress a story of a bomb discovered in their studios, this occurred on the famous 7/7 date. BBC faking their own expenses.

IX – Planes Malfunctioning

Description of attack on BBC film editor Stephen Waldorf of early 1983, though more from the point of view of whether the TV industry might possibly have actually wanted him dead: police were actually shooting the right man. “Within a few hours of the Lockerbie crash, FBI agents were running around stuffing £40,000 quid into villagers’ hands saying ‘Shut up about the fifth engine’”. A Lockerbie villager claims this was a mid-air collision, conversational overtones suggesting a Harrier jump-jet was put on deliberate collision course.

X – High Society Lethal Injections

The Queen’s Doctor, Dr. Ratner, listing all the names of high society people who had been given lethal injections, then a load of rubbish appears in the papers as to how they died.