Part 7

Now here’s what you all wanna use the internet for, to read about something horrible that someone shouldn’t really have talked about, and it is the BBC who performed this ghastly piece of filming: hyper-confidential quote of a BBC TV cameraman:

“First of all we were told we were going out to film a crashed car. We had to get all the equipment packed into the back of a van, then get in & sit amongst it. We were ordered to, at no point whatsoever throughout this particular exercise, to speak to the director or the guy driving the van, whom the director was going to sit beside. It was to be total do this do that, no questions asked. No questions asked loading the stuff into the van, taking it out of the van, while we were in the van. No nothing. So we sat in the van, & we could see the driver and the director sitting beside him through a window just behind their heads, but they kept silent and we didn’t say anything to them as ordered.
“About half-way to the incident site, we started wondering amongst ourselves, why should the BBC be wanting to film a crashed car? And going to unusual lengths to do it? Cars crash all the time in London. But we couldn’t ask any questions so we just waited on reaching our destination. There was a lot of grouching about how unpleasantly these guys were behaving towards us, really gruff, really curt, do this do that, shut your fucking mouths or else. It is in fact the personal unpleasantness that is making me talk about this, sort of like you’ve always got to find someone to talk to about something that bothers you, get the thing off your chest….”
“Yeh, there is a concern amongst all these male fascists about how bad body language is making things difficult for them.”
“Yes, well, we arrived at our destination, got out of the van, stretched our legs, started taking all the gear out, and taking a look at our subject. Well, the first surprise was the car didn’t look like it had crashed at all, it just looked lifted up into the air by some giant hand & then dumped down, amongst the dense foliage of Kent. Then we noticed two bodies slumped in the two front seats. They were completely naked and there was no blood despite their having been strangely mutilated. It transpired the mutilations of their bodies were what we were mainly there to focus on and film, not the crashed car at all. They were both male.
“One of us, a guy called John, asked if some kind of ufo had lifted up the car and plumped it down there and these two bastards reacted really aggressively to that, as if it was a touchy subject, as if John had thought of the right thing accidentally even though he might have thought he was joking, they responded by saying ‘We told you to keep shut fucking up! No fucking questions!!! Or we might do more than just fucking sack you cunt!’
“Anyway, the corpses looked weirdly mutilated by someone, you at first thought with a knife, one eye & one ear had been surgically excised from each carcase, with kind of incredible precision, their tongues had been extracted all the way back down to the beginning of their stomachs, but it looked far better than a surgeon’s knife could do. Various pieces of skin cut out from the face exposing some of the dentition. There was a look of cauterisation about the edges of the cuts so maybe it had been done with a laser or something….but everything we were doing was being done in absolute silence by now. Nobody was saying anything. We were all so completely stunned.
“These two men displayed the most horrible attitude to all this, as if they knew all about this kind of thing already, and had filmed it before, and they told us what to do in a really repugnant way. I mean the way one of them walked up to the car, reached his hand in through an open window, and I don’t know whether someone had got the window open or it was conveniently open for us by happenstance, then he tilted each head back one after the other so the tongueless mouth was angled towards the cameras, and he did that in a really bland done-it-all-before arrogant manner. You would’ve thought he was a professional film man specially for filming mutilated humans, and got a kick out of us being freaked out.
“The two bosses then carefully lifted out the two bodies and made sure they were laid out on their fronts, which was one of the weird bits because they did that as if they knew what the mutilations were going to be when we viewed them from the rear, some sort of fine anal extraction had occurred, and we had to manoeuvre in close to their rectums, in fact as directly above their bumholes as poss. The filming demand upon us was that the image on film caught the fact that the rest of the intestinal tract had been excised, fully intentionally by whoever did it, from the anal sphincter muscles in. It had been cut out to the beginning of the coeliac. The whole lot was gone. And absolutely no blood and a strange sort of clinical smell was in the air
“So basically we’d been hauled over to this part of the Kent forest to specifically film those mutilations, the surgical incisions on these bodies, somehow as if they’d also been drained of blood. There was no blood anywhere and you just felt, by the look of their flesh, blood had been drained from their bodies.
“Then when it was all over we all went back to the BBC studios, saying nothing the whole way, nothing to Buggsley and Fester anyway. There were a few more heavy admonitions exhorting us to never ever talk about this.”
The best moment was when the cameraman registered surprise when I said we had heard about this type of mutilation, the livestock mutilations that Linda Moulton Howe has mostly become famous for, who strongly asserts there is some connection with the extra-terrestrial visitation factor, but who does not yet accept the description of the feeding method, the greys’ jumping into vats of blood to renutrify themselves.
This writer asserts here and now, that throughout this description the cameraman had been unaware of the Sergeant Louette incident, and had not heard of the cattle mutilation syndrome.

The other big ‘mute’ case, of a human being of course, the author has been confidentially informed of, is that involving Ira Einhorn, currently serving a life sentence in jail in America for the 1978 murder of then girlfriend Holly Maddux.
Einhorn, on whom the film “The Hunt for the Unicorn Killer” is based, came out with that description of the condition of the corpse of Holly Maddux to a friend of mine while Einhorn was still living in France, prior to dramatic extradition, the French only allowing him to be purloined from their shores as long as America did not pass a death sentence on him. The French, meaning Einhorn’s next door neighbours as well as politicians, appeared to be very suspicious of the U.S. authorities on this matter. The U.S. agreed to these extradition conditions, that is why Einhorn is alive at the moment. In a jail cell. The U.S. fascists have intense desires to protect their alien grey liaison, and Einhorn is one big victim of that, as if we have to face up to the fact that extra-terrestrials are just gonna turn out to have highly organised criminal societies, and that is the huge sigh of relief being breathed by the American Mafia.
My “Einhorn contact” had been visiting Einhorn for a good few years, talking to him about the treacherousness of American behaviour, it’s not that Einhorn had suddenly come out with that description as the FBI were coming to get him, for the sake of those who might look up the internet descriptions of Ira Einhorn, a friend was describing the ‘mute’ condition of Holly Maddux, via visits to France which my friend stays for long periods of time in, during 1992 and 1993. Einhorn was captured on the 18th of June 1997.
Einhorn’s confidante and zealous supporter does not want to be named.
Generally speaking, Einhorn’s claim is that in September 1977 his girlfriend Holly Maddux disappeared, but he suspected U.S. agents of having been the abductors, abducted by some secret cabal of crypto-fascists festering away inside the CIA, NSA, FBI, all arms of the military, middle-class acolytes, some secret neo-fascist club. Then suddenly Einhorn came upon her dead body lying on his porch, can’t say exactly when but would be late 1978/early 1979, or some balcony aspect to his flat, and the condition of her body was such that it corresponded with those animal mutilations Linda Howe reports on. As if some form of ultra-sophisticated gutting had taken place.
If any fluid exudes from such a carcase, it’s a quite strange smell, which might account for why the neighbours in 3411 Race Street simply referred to an unusual smell without identifying it, in March 1979.
Ira thinks that American intelligence planted her body there, but one can imagine how ridiculous he would feel trying to articulate to the American courts, “I think aliens sucked all the blood out of my girlfriend, kind of in some power-drunk ego-trip that they’re in some kind of deal with the NSA & the CIA an’ the Mafia an’ the military. They did it knowing I just won’t claim the truth, because the truth sounds too crazy. And I’m bothered about reducing the credibility of anyone who reports it. It’ll reduce every researcher’s credibility.”

This website description is the only description of what Ira Einhorn was claiming was the nature of the death of Holly Maddux in any form of media.
As further support, the disappearance of Genette Tate at the age of 13 is the only case in Britain where open speculation occurred that it had been a ‘UFO’. The reason was that, in the weeks and months after her disappearance on August 19th 1978, two years before Linda Howe’s animal mutilation film won an Emmy award and visibly disturbed American politicians, a hippy-like kinda guy had come to the Tate family’s house, after they’d been using psychics and everything to try and find out what had happened to her, and asked “Have you ever thought it might have been a yoo eff oh?”
“An Unidentified Flying Object? Well, er, no….er…”
When Mr. Tate put that to the police the following day, he was shocked at their flatly dismissive response. John Tate says in his book “When the police had sat through psychometry readings, with psychics feeling items of her clothing then describing mental projections, and walked with other psychics through the immediate countryside of Aylesbeare, why did they instantly dismiss the question in an off-hand manner?” This gave John Tate an odd impression that it might be the truth of the matter, though he didn’t understand it. John Tate also pointed out the oddness of the newspapers which Genette had been in the middle of delivering having a supposed photo of a UFO on the front page, as there had been a sighting of a strange flying object in the area within the past few days. Besides the circular patch of burnt grass in a nearby field, and a power failure blacking out the village the night before she died, and which Mr. Tate openly acknowledged are famous aspects of a UFO presence. No other missing child seems more totally to have been simply lifted up into the air.
So let the reader bring to mind the most famous bloodless corpses, and what we’ll call “Morag’s Suggestion” can relate to a few: Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman:
“no blood was found in 5
College Close”

“no blood whatsoever was
found in the Ford Fiesta
driven by Huntley”

Elizabeth Short, the so-called
Black Dahlia, involves the
corpse having
being ‘completely cleaned &
drained of blood’ by whoever killed her.

The 1888 Jack the Ripper
involve statements of blood-
drained corpses, going by the
Patricia Cornwell book I’ve
just read.

And Holly Maddux.

Anyway, quite a lot of the news media being told just what it’s going to tell the public.
This is December 2009, Tony Dodd died earlier this year, he had in fact made a statement that he had found out about seven human mute cases having taken place in Nigeria, he stated this from a podium around 1997 at a ufo conference, and he had also found out about a number of human mute cases having happened in New York…..”…..but the lid is being very tightly held down on those cases…..they just won’t let that kind of story out…..” But then the internet came along.

Looks like, when in doubt, tell a lie.
So it was in May 2004, when British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s daughter, 16-years-old at the time, named Kathryn, tried to commit suicide by swallowing a handful of pills. She was attending the Roman Catholic school called Sacred Heart in the London Hammersmith region, and a Z-notice, or whatever one calls it, was slapped on the story.
This means that the British media were all set to droolingly convey the latest development in 10 Downing Street, when the D-notice suddenly caused huge gaping white blank gaps in the newspapers – desperate to fill in the gaps, they whipped up a load of shit about Posh and Becks, a detail which has not got into the internet and would enable researchers to pinpoint in time the exact day the suicide attempt had been made.
The internet report comes up with a load of anodyne rubbish as to what must have precipitated that suicide bid, I would go more for the hellishness of keeping secrets like the murder of David Kelly, just one of 88 mysterious deaths of micro-biologists, the likelihood of extreme wrong-wing fascists targeting Kathryn as they have definitely the Royal Family guys William & Harry (more about them later), the question of ‘Miranda’ Blair (the pet-name for him of one of his boyfriends, the one they call ‘Mandy’) & Cherie Blair both being gay, that type of lavender marriage where the liaison is to hide their real homosexual existences, besides, in the run-up to the big interview about David Kelly’s mysterious death, ‘Miranda’ Blair suddenly went to spend 26 nights at Sir Cliff Richards’ place in the Bahamas, what more obvious secret queer is there than that?
All these lived lies lit a bonfire in her head, smashed images providing raw material, plenty of oxygen from the internet & school combined combusting.
So the CIA, and CIA-connected people, deliberately let dorisdays get to the top of society because they can be more easily manipulated, threatened with unsavoury disclosures if they don’t do what they want……have been hearing that the big buzz amongst the cognoscenti is that the American CIA used Blair’s gayness to blackmail him into going to war against Iraq, which of course is an American Mafia attempt to steal control of Middle Eastern oil on the excuse of the Mafia-driven/Triad assisted/Mossad-praised smash of the twin towers on 9/11… you know……yes, the author believes old Hunter S. Thompson was murdered, otherwise, you know, it was so depressing being on the mobile to his wife working out in a gymnasium whilst he sat in his office he decided to shoot himself mid-conversation, conveniently forgetting about that hard evidence he had of massive amounts of explosives being prepacked into the towers…… well as the planes hitting them.

Then there’s the orgy of power the Royal Family roiled in when the Queen Mother died around October/November 2001. Thinking they would generate more interest in, and sympathy for, the Royal Family, the Royal Family requested of the press and televisual media that they withhold news of the Queen Mother’s death until closer to the Jubilee celebrations the following year, on June the 4th 2002.
The TV journalist who told us of this said at first they couldn’t believe that, but when it came from a second ‘class newspaper’ they thought it must be the truth. Scottish newspapers will in fact, according to this source, have been the first to have been told to shut up, since she died in Glamis Castle. Note the date of the 2002 Jubilee is quite, though not exactly, reminiscent, of the actual date of the Queen Mother’s birthday, 4th of August 1900. Therefore she will still have been a centenarian. That date was to be commemorated by Ian Huntley – or the twisted fascists who actually killed them, or they & their equally twisted extra-terrestrial cohorts.
Another Royal Family datum had me in a state of absolute disbelief, so tot-al I can’t recall who said it, I dismissed it from my mind. And what claim could make someone like me think it sounds too ridiculous after all that you’ve read so far?

That Prince William & Prince Harry are just, originally, stable boys who were employed at first to just look after the Royal horses. There is not even any genetic link to Diana Spencer whatsoever. They were just shoved into this Royal/political function to suit British politics, ‘William’ being chosen because of his looks being similar to the real son of Princess Di.
Well, as I said, I didn’t pay any attention to that, time passed, soon the papers were full of ‘Prince William’ going to Saint Andrews University in Scotland, he had failed to achieve entry to his first choice, Edinburgh University. In keeping with the image of academic failures despite the huge (supposed) advantages of his upbringing, he opted for a ‘soft subject’ which at the same time helps out his fascist friends, History of Art.
One week of that study passed by, which is to say five days, then Prince William & Prince Harry were all over the newspapers’ front pages side-by-side at a horse race on the Saturday after his fifth day of History of Art lectures.
That can’t be said to be proof, but it did look odd, where every single other student who got a place in that same class would have been dreaming of being financially able to visit art galleries in Edinburgh, let alone London, stuck in St. Andrews, for lack of the money possessed by Prince William, over that same weekend. The grapevine also said that Prince William, whilst gadding about Saint Andrews’ university society, got a kick out of shouting at people who irked him “When I become king I’m going to have you sentenced to death.” That little bit of info is not from a student or lecturer, but from one of St. Andrews University’s most highly paid and brilliant technicians: he had no desire to meet William.