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surf.to/dangerousdave, a special service short form of address, no need for www etc., is also by the site-author, receiving “nothing but good responses on the internet from really qualified sounding people” informed a friend being a little nerdised by the divorce from his wife at the time. The material in surf.to/dangerousdave occurred through a website designer girlfriend offering various tricks: however, “People who are into this stuff must be readers primarily” was the response: if you are prepared to read, you’ll be into these websites. The point divorcing-Garry Nerd was making was that it is rare to receive nothing but praise on the internet because people are being much more uninhibitedly blunt and rude sitting at the distancing keyboard.

The site-author has had an offer from a publisher and refused it.

There has been an offer from an American (small) publisher to publish anything written on the basis of how interesting a person the site-author is to meet: but American intelligence connections were too scary; and a third, very small again, publisher who was going to publish some of this material, simply died before anything further could happen.

Site-author attended a few writers’ seminars in the mid-1980s, and when isolated from the rest of the group, half-way up a spiral staircase, the convener of that group took the opportunity to say confidentially “You are the only group member with the genuine spark I’m looking for”; he hadn’t wanted to say that in front of the group, and some of them had been impressive which did make it both flattering and surprising.

So, for some publisher somewhere, it sounds like the site-author might have made money. For her or him, that is.


Participated in: Camp for Climate Action Against Heathrow Expansion in 2007; Sack Parliament demonstration in London’s Parliament Square in October 2006; organisationally involved in anti-G8 demos in Scotland in 2005;

Assisted organisationally with these mobilisations to the best of my ability despite mostly nightshift working for the railways (mainly with Glasgow Reshape);

A fellow organiser of the Afghan Culture and Film Festival in Edinburgh in March 2008 with prime mover Zahra Qadir; the much more recent Reel Iraq festival (though from the London end with Zahra) and so far this group is thinking of Reel Uzbekistan for next year, 2010.

Railway working does result in a slightly weird social life;

Abstract paintings and electronic art;

Atonal music/experimental noise making;

Experimental literature;

Chinese/Taiwanese green tea;

Learnt two Chinese Yoga systems with both teachers asking me to start teaching these systems;

The democracy system practiced at dissent meetings, and others such as the Camp For Climate Action, is, mostly everyone sits in a circle, and appoint a facilitator: various people indicate they have something to say and the ‘facilitator’ has to remember these, note them down or whatever…..as one person speaks, people who are agreeing wiggle their hands, there then is not so much as an opposite symbol indicating disagreement, but a variety of response-types: a ‘direct response’ is asked by means of two hands held tightly flat and vertically palms facing each other: a ‘technical point’ (there’s a fire/dinner’s ready) is indicated to the group first of all by an individual making a T-shape with their two hands, before the verbal version is conveyed. One person holding their finger in the air like a kid in a classroom is a normalish response, and the facilitator has to then note down the people responding to the first speaker.
We always aim for consensus: that everyone agrees: if one person does not agree, we do not go ahead – this is where other left-wing groups criticise us, nevertheless, too many of them criticise this ‘flattening’ approach without having tried it: we enjoy our consensus principle from the point of view of experiencing it, and whilst many left-wing groups constantly dwindle in size, the flat people are like a multitude of rolling snowballs…..we do not experience such disenchantment, and tend to just see old friends at each new gathering and enjoy the sociability.
This practice has been called, maybe somewhat over-intellectuallisingly, ‘horizontalism’.

This site-writer is the only person, involved in ‘flat’ discussion groups, who believes the following: that the horizontalist anti-G8 dissent/reshape/camp-for-climate-action/peopleandplanet persons are being systematically prevented from knowing about an extra-terrestrial planet-wide ‘flat’ democracy by hierarchical earthly authorities, who imagine ‘horizontalists’ would ego-trip at capitalist primitiveness, over against the social advancedness of horizontalism: if Earth’s population was to have heard these beings’ social structures described, that would be an emotive and propaganda factor massively boosting the left, which Earthly oligarchies are very frightened of…..

Horizontalism/Horizontalidad, the book by Marina Sitrin, is a useful tome. Site editor reads the Spanish language version, Horizontalidad.

More views

Mark Scott stated, describing what it was like to win a prize in photography:
“All that was like is immediately I was handed the prize this tabloid reporter shot right up to one of the judges and asked him ‘Oi! Oi! Any funny relationship with this young man here?'”
The right wing as per Section VI of phonedupnshutup.com state that they use tabloids to start stories off, “we sit down and work out what the most difficult thing is to claim someone has done which they haven’t done, which we decided is molesting children, then we simply sit around working out how to actually do it, because the public’ll never believe we could do such a thing.”
So they have agents citing Jimmy Saville as one of them, “we like his media image, nobody would ever believe he could ever do something so serious, so he helps us collect photographs and film of famous people in suggestive looking situations with children, and various other perversions in case of the emergence of an obvious pattern…..”
It’s difficult to provide proof of such a statement, but the true story the film called “The Bank Job” is based on (given on Wikipedia) is very interesting to anyone taking what is said here seriously – it’s sort of like crooks planned an elaborate robbery, but besides cash discovered a cache of photographs of high society people in peculiarly embarrassing situations. After five days of reporting on this the British ruling class managed to suddenly preclude the story from any further coverage – good of the director, Roger Donaldson, to uncover that one, good to think someone in these rarefied climes is actually thinking and acting independently, and really genuinely researching.

There’s also the problem of a “researcher” called Nerdy Roberts, no sorry, it’s Andy Roberts, got a little confused there…..but Nerdy sounds good so let’s keep it.

Margaret Fry was sitting amongst a Blackpool audience having made the easily ridiculed claim that on the 23rd of January 1974, army personnel hauled wizened and emaciated alien beings from a ufo crashed upon Berwyn Mountain in North Wales, which had been hit previously by a missile fired by one of our military aircraft, which had taken off from RAF Anglesey, which is close to that mountain range. Ufos had been monitored by radar as nosing around sensitive undergroundandunderwater military installations, “placing themselves under massive geological plates because they knew top secret military technology was there” (meaning off-shore of Anglesey) so armed fighters were scrambled after them; they struck one devastatingly, with one missile, I think.

Nerdy took the stage, arch-skeptic, and everyone at least expected him to do a good lecture, and raise points worth discussing re the above case. Let’s switch to simply quoting ufo conference organiser Sam Wright to me personally:
“He’s the worst speaker I’ve ever put on. I’m never putting him on again. If you want someone to claim a ufo was not a ufo you’ve picked the right person basically. He was terrible. Time and time again he made a mistake like such and such a place was three miles that way then someone from the audience would shout out ‘No it’s not! That’s ten miles that way!’ As the talk wore on the audience were getting really angry and he’d made the same type of mistake countless times, and it was obvious that he simply hadn’t done the research that he’d said he’d done, but he carried on ignoring the shouts, though he clearly didn’t like it, then people began going up on the stage yelling at him because he so obviously couldn’t have done the work he’d said he’d done. He was just terrible. I’m never putting him on again.”
Nerdy obviously underestimated how many people might travel the distance from North Wales to Blackpool to hear someone talk about an incident that happened in their vicinity.
So if you live in London you have to imagine Nerdy saying “Upper Warlingham, ten miles east of Watford”, he would be getting on swimmingly if he said that, and similarly several more times, ignoring ‘Londoners’ shouting at him as he waffles on.
Nerdy also said irrational things about Margaret Fry, the real, most genuine, researcher of the case and who successfully gained most confidantes to cast light upon the mystery, which anyone with more money would have sued him over, but she had to look after an invalided husband in a wheelchair, besides her own illness.
The most irrational statement was when Nerdy Roberts stated “…..and she never takes notes…..” ….as if he followed her around all the time to know whether she takes notes or not…….
Nerdy could exploit personal facts about Margaret Fry, but as you see, the audience could do nothing but support Margaret after that awful exhibition from him.

Jenny Randles, Andy Roberts and David Clarke are joint authors of a book called “The UFOs That Never Were”, which includes Roberts’ work on the Berwyn Mountain case: but Roberts has done nothing but sit in front of a computer and generate an impression of working. That’s the big idea with him. All three of these persons have been suspected as toeing a government line, though Roberts has clearly become the most flagrant example of counting on how little the public can actually be sure of. The public cannot actually know whether he did in fact drive x hundred miles to check out a story, and he has exploited that to the utmost. The public picking up that book are tending to believe the ufo cases have been successfully debunked, rather than Margaret Fry, who has had no book published on her seriously carried out work. Lies Can Be Well Written, The Truth Might Be Badly Written. The public are vulnerable in that respect.