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Something recent, typing in 2016, reported in the Islington Gazette, early August, 2012.

A university IT worker plunged to his death from the top of an eight-storey building on one of Islington’s busiest roads.

David Power plummeted from one of the top floors of the London Metropolitan University’s Tower Building in Holloway Road, Holloway, last Thursday at about 11am.

He was found dead at the scene and police officers are investigating, but the incident is not being treated as suspicious.

Friends and colleagues this week paid tribute to Mr Power, 48, who had worked at the university for more than 20 years.

Many spoke of their shock and sadness in messages posted on a memorial website set up by the trade union Unison.

Thomas Kampe, of London Met’s performing arts department, wrote: “This is deeply shocking. I am speechless. Dave was one of the uplifting and supportive colleagues at London Met. Dave was a model of a kind and aware person, always helpful, positive, radiating an embodied intelligence mixed with wit, and a great sense of humour, good taste in shirts and music. My thoughts go to his family, friends and close colleagues at the media centre.”

Dr Rosalind Hanmer said: “He will be sadly missed by all his colleagues and friends. Dave touched many people’s lives with his smile and laughter, so please remember not to judge Dave and let’s celebrate his wonderful creative achievement.”

Most described him as a gentle, kind and helpful man, with psychologist Dr Nigel Marlow saying: “I remember David as a ray of light, always positive and helpful and willing to go ‘the extra yard’ to solve problems. May he achieve a restful peace.”

Floral tributes are attached to a bike rack at the spot where he fell.

A spokesman for London Metropolitan University said: “Police are conducting investigations to determine the course of events. We have written to all staff to notify them and to offer them our support services. The University extends its deepest sympathies to the family.”

A reader of this phonedupnshutup website emailed that for a mention in it, so there it finally is, a contribution ~ he, with a bunch of other colleagues, had went round to the point on the concrete where David Power’s body had been found, & all stood agreeing the body was quite some distance from the vertical wall of the building ~ forcing them to wonder if a group of people had flung him violently from that window many floors up. My contributor said, “David Power was a Media Technician” ~ i. e. the contributor linked it with the TV & radio aspect this treatise focuses on.

In the Novotel Hotel, August, the year 1993, a few randomly flung together people were carousing, laughing, exchanging stories, up until well into the early hours of the morning. One guy worked for Kray Technology and had a strange perfectly circular indentation on his left hand, with strange indents on each knuckle of that same left hand, whilst another was a delivery man for the various Marconi depots: he commented on the very heavy atmospheres he had to put up with due to Marconi’s ultra-tight security: and the third main contributor to the conversation was a —- TV technician, mostly employed as a cameraman. He rendered us the most interesting story:
“You know those strange deaths of Marconi scientists? There’s been a helluva lot of those of TV technicians, but they never get into the papers. Really bizarre, really strange methods of committing suicide, you know?”
“Yeh, that book by Tony Collins an’ all that? 25 Mysterious Deaths In The Defence Industry?”
“Yeh, that’s right. Well, when I first started as a —- TV technician, they walked up to me, friendly as anything, saying, ‘Wait ’til you see what we can do with very low frequencies man! Absolutely fantastic, totally incredible!!! You’ll never believe it! It was like they were bursting to show something really big off to me, then when they found out I came from Ireland, they instantly clammed up, went funny on me, wouldn’t even tell me the time of day, ignoring me on the lift and everything. And in the 18 months since then, there’s been four or five of these mysterious deaths, like those Marconi deaths, of —- TV technicians, really weird flippin’ deaths man, never being reported in the papers. It seemed to happen every time after they were taken into some funny room and to do with some funny frequency.”
A group of bootboys ready to dump you in some collective dustbin……?
That was then. Roundabout 1996, a group of friends began to say how suspicious they were of the death of Jim Henson, there was no big reason for them saying this, nothing had been in the press, it was simply a sudden topic of conversation in an Edinburgh bar.
“He never had any illness whatsoever, then suddenly he goes and dies of flu!?!!?”
Reading into the death of Jim Henson, the originator of the Muppet series, it didn’t seem all that mysterious to me; I left the subject alone: it is only of worth in that it shows I’m not easily made suspicious by nature, which some readers might think when reading the various sections of this treatise.
There are other deaths not included: it seems unlikely that the death of Lena Zavaroni would warrant attention, but I hovered over her death’s description when completing this write up: making a second effort to publish a book on all the dirty aspects of the entertainments industry: she had been prevented from revealing certain things and had had her writing severely censored; then her ‘anorexia’ became so bad she “asked for a lobotomy to possibly cure her of it, but unfortunately died during the operation.”
Notwithstanding the fact that a lobotomy is illegal in Britain and America at least, and what surgeon would just go ahead and perform such an operation for such a reason?

Now you begin to get what is meant by a bizarre death.

In 1974 so-called “masons” claimed they would put a “twice-convicted child-molester at the top of MI5”, so that “if he doesn’t do what we want, it’ll be easier to threaten him with having killed some kid or something, ‘coz the public’ll believe he must have done it…”
(In a confidential conversation to this confidential witness, of course.)

In 1990, because of the publicity in that year over GEC-Marconi scientists’ bizarre “suicides”, a Sunday Times journalist did his own research on these cases resulting in an article which commented on the oddness of the head of MI5 being “a twice-convicted pederast”, another word for a child-molester, in an article about these mysterious “suicides”.

Use ravemoncoeur at for communications preferably please.

In terms of research, a particularly interesting incident involved me acquiring a BBC magazine, not Aeriel or Stage or any of these publically available things, it was more A4 size and intended for specialist/internal circulation; from this four email addresses were obtained from people wishing to be contacted via articles within the mag, now this isn’t what you’re expecting me to say, which is “but they didn’t answer back”, none of them could answer back because all these emails, enquiring as to whether there was any BBC curiosity re the Marconi syndrome, simply never went, all failure delivery. Tried another computer, another computer – the enquiries simply would not send. Possibly there is some simple explanation, but the internet cafe managers looked mystified too.

No enquiry about Marconi mysteriousness got any response. “Broadcast” magazine did not respond.

Another factoid worth inserting from the start, is one of my informants once paid rent to the Queen’s Doctor, Dr. Ratner, he being the proprietor of my friend Anthony’s flat, and Anthony claims that Ratner reeled off, in 1967, standing in Anthony’s room, all the names of top society people he knew to have been given lethal injections, “….then a load of rubbish about how they’d died went into the papers….” Maybe the traumatic experience of that conversation has made me over-suspicious, but where but the internet can you find out about such a frightening confidance….?

There is also an updating aspect, looking at this website six months later, there may be more information…..esp. considering that you will see Tony Collins and myself had observed that these deaths happen after six days of being announced as missing, before being found dead in a highly unlikely manner, Mark Speight seems to have joined this list recently as per April the 5th, 2008, whereas everything other than this paragraph was written very much earlier – this is the only writing examining TV-Marconi’s deaths as having similar overtones to GEC-Marconi’s deaths (now called BAE Systems as of 30/11/99)…..quoting Neeley Fitzgerald, Macmillan House media sales executive re Speight, “I’m quite surprised he managed to get in because all the entrances have a keycode or a security guard. However there is an entrance at the back of Platform 1 and if some of the builders had left the door ajar, say with a fire extinguisher, then he would have been able to get in.”

That usual six days coming into the description……

The oddly morbid overtones of Neeley Fitzgerald’s points characterise very many of these deaths….meanwhile the oddness of Natasha Collins’ (Speight’s girlfriend) demise involves us accepting she never screamed, the heat of the tap water which left visible scalds on her tongue seems to have been suitable for cooking a lobster, whilst the public assume the car crash which left her prone to fits just as she got the job as a leading actress in Hollyoaks a couple of years ago is accidental, and maybe that is being over-suspicious. By the way, this researcher bought a large number of newspapers covering Mark Speight’s death, and Neeley Fitzgerald was only quoted in LondonLite.
The death of Omar Jema has also occurred recently where this “television film editor”, is described as stabbing himself to death, in wrists, legs, then his own torso. “Had no history of mental illness”, died in October 2007, <...a keen golfer, he was still on a high after winning a trophy. He had booked a holiday to Cuba with a friend days previously to celebrate his forthcoming 40th birthday. And days before his death in October he was pictured smiling holding a new-born niece.>
“They just weren’t the actions of a man contemplating suicide,” said his brother Ali Jama. “He’s got no history of depression and was never the sort of person you would see feeling sorry for himself.” The “experts” began blaming an anti-nicotine addiction medicine called Champix, but we all rationalise, in comparison to other Champix deaths it’s still bizarre – and who won’t notice the total evasion of the question of whether someone did it to him? Coroner Jennifer Leeming asserted she was satisfied Omar Jema had inflicted these injuries on himself, but another coroner in a Marconi death claimed a girl had gagged her own mouth, tied her own hands behind her own back with spark plug cables, tied her own feet together then hopped herself into Lake Taplow. There is as much detail as possible re that “suicide” as can be rendered in this dissertation further on. Both Mark Speight and Omar Jema were described as about to travel, Mark to south-west England, roundabout Yatton and all that, Omar was planning a trip abroad, the establishment media rationalised Mark as wanting to reminisce in Natasha and himself’s old haunts, which he was about to take the train to, then he seems to have somewhat changed his mind.
Michael Sundin’s death is interesting too, before the majority of this treatise (below) was written, only read of him a few weeks ago, reading this website the reader will find the writer had been informed of the death of Russell Harty, 1980’s entertainer d. 1988, and was told confidentially the BBC had phoned round the media stopping Harty’s actual mode of death being reported publically, only just found out that Sundin’s death at the age of 28, also in 1988, was officially reported as the BBC stopping his actual death being properly reported by phoning round newspapers – the papers had reported that fact. He had been a Blue Peter presenter, and Biddy Baxter, Blue Peter’s long time producer, had been challenged about Sundin’s death being distorted in the reports, whereupon she is described as reacting visibly uncomfortably. She talked about how he hadn’t been too suitable a children’s presenter because he looked effeminate, gay, you get the drift, oh well, he wasn’t wanted around anyway.
Also, the assiduous reader of the following will find three people confidentially informed me that they hated the people in the BBC, and what I mean is one of them thinking they were going to come after him and kill him, which I felt surely must be exaggeration at the time, it took a third individual for me to think, maaan, should I be reporting those people to the employment agency or something? (((A second guy stated “I just walked in the door and I was hearing the worst people in my life”, of BBC TV studios, not believed, then a third guy stated that he tolerated working for television for only a few hours before walking out, he was being so unpleasantly treated in just serving teas to people sitting in studios he was directed to take trolley refreshments to.)))
Roughly speaking, my opinion is the conversation recorded in Section 5 of this work is what had occurred prior to many of these people’s deaths, so reading Section 5 first may be enlightening……

So to…..

….the actual original beginning:the first treatise on this began with the following paragraph:

Beginning with Tom Brown……

Tom Brown was stabbed to death close to his home. Police discounted robbery: Tom’s wallet and mobile phone were still upon his person, as they arrived at the murder scene at around 0300hours. The date was the 24th of August 2004. He had been a librarian/archivist for the BBC, a place where one might stumble upon sensitive information, if, of course, something ‘sensitive’ is going on. Tom Brown’s two brothers, Paul & Adam, appealed on television a few days later for any information which might lead to the killer’s capture. No-one, as this writer expected, came forward. Paul & Adam, like so many others, didn’t think of comparing the death of their brother with the Marconi scientists’ deaths primarily written about by Tony Collins in 1990.
These are changed times. If people are not yet aware of ‘the Marconi syndrome’, then let them use search engines to learn of these things.

A few months after her death had occurred, an article appeared entitled “The Mysterious Death Of Laura Sadler” in a British weekly magazine called “Now”. It described how the BBC TV actress was doing very well up until she accidentally defenestrated herself, whilst drunk and ‘stoned’, as they say, subjecting her body to a 40’ drop from a hotel bedroom. Laura had been doing very well in a ‘soap opera’ called “Holby City”.
The article described how she had never previously been known to have ingested drugs, nor even indulged in alcoholic libations to any great extent, until this ‘accident’ on the 19th of June 2003. However the inquest reports stated that excessive intake of various inebriating substances had contributed to her loss of balance, just by the window and romantically close to her boyfriend. It was personally satisfying for me to see suspicion expressed of a TV employee’s death in other quarters.
Christopher Price has been described as having possibly committed suicide, soon after striking a deal which would have had him on £280,000 a year. He had been the presenter for a programme called “Liquid News”. It was claimed first of all that he killed himself by swallowing an overdose of pills on the 22nd of April 2002, due to loneliness & depression. Later he was alternatively described as really happy, enjoying going out a lot with friends, and accidentally swallowed too many pills in order to cope with a rare form of brain disease. (Compare this with Russell Harty data Section 2.)
Regarding the next death, have sent a request to BBC asking for data on this, via their website, to achieve more specific referencing, several months ago, to which there was no response. The button the more curious reader will see on the BBC website for “BBC Bonuses” is another effort to make them appear more honest than they are, this can only be a response to Hugo Swire, the Conservatives’ media spokesman, announcing publiclly that the BBC had disturbed him by using the Official Secrets Act to hide their bonus payouts, Swire announced this mid-2005. He had used a Freedom of Information Act request to find out the size of BBC bonuses, which turned out to be £15.5 million pounds divided up amongst a small number of people. They clearly hoped to keep this hidden from those for whom redundancy was their Xmas present from Auntie. The timing was rather deliberately sick, of this announcement to people that they no longer had jobs with the BBC, because a letter informing employees of this came through their doors just before Xmas in a previous year.
From memory, without being able to recall this TV personality’s name, maybe someone could write in saying who had been a kissagram personality before being asked to appear as a regular personality for the Esther Rantzen-fronted programme, “That’s Life”. He did this for four weeks before being found dead inside his house’s garage, sometime during the late eighties, beside a car inside the garage. The head and neck area of his corpse was angled towards the exhaust, still emitting fumes when the body was found. More info about this incident would be very important because of how closely it parallels the death of one of the Marconi scientists, Peter Peapell, who died on the 22nd of February 1987. The police themselves commented on how odd it was that they could hardly move in the space in which Peter Peapell was claimed to have lain himself in order to be gassed. He too was claimed to have placed his head near to the exhaust pipe. The coroner nevertheless declared this to be a bizarre suicide, and must have been aware, by that point in time, that there had been a large number of scientists who had died in mysterious circumstances working for the same company.
Esther Rantzen is said somewhere on the internet to have been doing a skit for That’s Life in Scotland, which in actual fact was known by the workforce where she was broadcasting from to be a lie. She was actually doing something for a rich woman who just picked up the phone and brought Rantzen down ‘just like that’ to do a thing on their boss, “but we all knew he hadn’t done a thing of what she was saying”. She carried out a frame-up, in other words, as some kind of hellish twisted favour for another powerful woman, sometime in the early 1980s, which could only work against the financial stability of the Queensway furniture company. That patsy/boss had been in charge of one of their warehouses in Fife in Scotland during the very early ’80s. The company was going fully bust during August 1990, when angry customers who had ordered Queensway furniture in advance were hammering on the doors of their London warehouses.

The one TV employee’s death which did involve suspicion being expressed by fellow TV colleagues: that of Annie St. John, however haven’t been able yet (as in most cases) to find a particularly extensive report on this. Well, actually, typing and inserting new information, a newspaper article has just been “buttoned” for this site, found it lying around the flat. Ann St. John was not out drinking with her fellow Welsh TV friends, she swallowed a cocktail of drugs alone in her room in order to shuffle off this mortal coil. The name of her company was HTV West, one website states her death was late 1990s, another 1992, think the former date is correct, and she was known to have been arguing over some issue for a few months as well as on that night, whereupon she did not just keel over and die on the street outside, she lay on a hospital bed for some time before finally dying, somewhere in the lovely city of Bristol. Nothing precise regarding what she had been arguing about with her colleagues was discovered despite my perusing a large number of newspapers of the time. (The pronunciation of ‘St. John’ as a surname is frequently ‘sinjin’, a rhyme with Sundin.)
So to engage in the usual wild speculation usually associated with internet conspiracy theory, having just been promoted in the world of TV journalism, in BRISTOL, and given how such prize-winning journalists as Tony Collins have observed the frequency with which strange Marconi deaths had occurred in Bristol, Annie St. John’s position had become televisionally similar to Collins’ position in the computing world as editor of Computing Weekly, albeit he from a London base, with Annie now in the very town upon which suspicion had now fallen, remembering the point that Collins chose 25 deaths from a very large number which sounded similar. As she lay there on her hospital bed, she must have been so greatful to her HTV colleague for making sure no-one knew what communications had recently been sent to her, nicely grabbing the ansaphone tape of recent messages from an ambulanceman from out of his very pocket, so concerned he was……part of the Annie St. John story is that a colleague had been approaching her flat having heard of the tragedy, saw an ambulanceman exiting her flat with an ansaphone tape peeping from his jacket pocket, whereupon he pinched the tape out of his pocket saying “I’ll have that.”
A Welsh TV broadcaster called Alan Rustad had been involved in an incident, which he was responsible for giving a marconi tinge to, by, when reading Welsh HTV news to the Welsh people, rather oddly briefly referring to the death of 16-year-old Katy Puntan.
The reason for the Welsh people’s consternation was that the dead girl had been well-known as the main baby-sitter and family friend for many years, for that very man, Alan Rustad, entrusted with reading out the news of her death caused by a car smashing into her, killing her instantly. She had been walking the familiar route to Rustad’s house, a rustic route she had used for many years. Katy died two years before Ann St. John. Maybe there was that to argue about. And Katy Puntan’s death is amongst the category of “Marconi-related company deaths” (MRCDs) where the strange death is of a person purely and simply socially close to an MRC employee. So should this writer rightfully include Claire Barnes’ mysterious death, daughter of BBCTV newsreader Carol Barnes? ’tis reminiscent of Laura Sadler’s death in that she had to be pretty close to her boyfriend as she began to fall to her death. Supposedly there’s a snuff movie where a girl is free-falling for a while, other ‘chutists are filming her as she is falling, but her parachute was fixed so it wouldn’t open. This involves fixing another safety chute in case of an accident with the main one. The camera zooms in on her face gesticulating at them and a film camera on the ground catches her body bouncing off it. Well organised, and some police must know about this death-for-laughs film. The death of Claire Barnes sounds very similar to that, as she died in Australia having completed a Safety in Parachuting course, and both ‘chutes failed to open on her 200th jump, which she discovered just after she’d kissed her guy in the sky. Died middle of March 2004. Or were both boyfriends joining some mafia set-up where they had to kill their girlfriends as a rites-of-passage type of thing?
And so there are all the oddly short reports of TV & radio people’s deaths, of MRCDs, such as that of Marion Zunz, who had “particularly enjoyed working with scientists” for the BBC. Whilst skiing she smashed into a tree on the Alpe d’Huiz, in June 1992, her claim to fame was a film about animals called meerkats. Marion Zunz was aged 40 at the time.
An actress in a TV programme called Emmerdale Farm died when her car smashed head-on into an oncoming lorry, with a teenage mother and her baby son also inside, and one other person. All four were obliterated. The accident happened near a place called Bold, a small town near Liverpool, I think anyway, writing from memory, in April 1993. She was called Victoria O’Keeffe. In fact she possibly did smash into a lorry, just as, a few days before, Arthur Scargill, famous leader of the National Union of Miners, did too, which he luckily survived with little injury. There are quite a large number of these head-on collisions with lorries, and they frequently involve computer workers, strangely enough.
Doctor Elizabeth Howe had been broadcasting for the BBC’s Open University when she was stabbed to death by a guy called Robin Pask, coming upon her in her room, provided by & within York University, at a summer school there. Previously to the BBC work, she had been a drama producer for the ‘BBC Northern Ireland’, spending many happy hours in Belfast from 1986 to 1989 at the Maze and Maghaberry prisons. The BBC’s O.U. might sound innocuous. However, remember when one certain confidante (A Sky TV cameraman) was discovered to be Irish working for Sky TV by the Sky employers, they suddenly started ignoring him. Up until that point they seemed like they were going to tell him their biggest secrets, “Wait ’til you can see what we can do with ultra-low frequencies man”, (meaning from 300 Hertz down, the non-Hertzean frequency range)……and he also confided: there’s been four or five of these mysterious deaths of Sky TV employees in the eighteen months since I’ve been working for them. You know like those Marconi deaths, those bizarre deaths of those scientists….d’ye know about that? It was after hearing something in some funny room over some funny frequency. And nothing was reported in the papers about them.”
-Yes, it happens to be… of my areas of interest…..
So presumably there’s something about Ireland they don’t want to talk about.

TV producer Diana Potter, 57-years-old, who expired in the middle of July 1991, tumbled downstairs drunkenly, according to the reports, to be found dead three days after her death which is thought to have been instantaneous. Her home had been in Newbury in Berkshire. Diana was thought to have been drinking heavily due to stress of ITV’s ‘Telethon Appeal’ which she had been working hard on. (Not of course the stress of Marconi’s Space & Defence secrets which high up staff will stand around nattering about, in a quite power-drunk ego-tripping manner, then violently exhorting people to shut up just in case they might have overheard.)
Receiving a very small report indeed, the name of Monica Rose will mean little to people of today, though she distinguished herself by being the only person to appear on a TV game show as a contestant, in 1963 at the age of 15, before being invited to co-present that very same show, Double Your Money with Hughie Green, the main male presenter. You would have thought the short reports of her death would have mentioned that, but no, they were as short as the next paragraph.
Went to bed at the age of 45 in 1994 on the 9th of February and didn’t wake up.
That’s it. Very short report, lucky to spot it. “Died in her sleep aged 45.”

Carina Stephenson is another TV actress who died more recently, aged 17, on May 21st, 2005, though, through being even more high profile (participant in recent ‘reality TV’ thing in Australia) there is more about this on the web. Of course the author realises the position it puts him in, to claim an adolescent girl has been murdered by a hit squad at the command of the BBC, nevertheless……
She’d ‘confessed’ that she was gay (Cf. “Invitation to Join the Masons” section) and was found hanging dead in the woods near her home, the village of Branton in the north of England. She had been missing for two days. Only one (internet) report had described her as found hanging dead in the woods near her home –

< Stop Press: Extraordinarily reminiscent of this guy who’s surname was Hadcock-Mackay, presurname: Timothy, an entertainer mostly for independent TV channels who also was very big in the hotels industry, am only going by memory sitting at a computer far from home, found hanging dead in a forest on the 29th of July this year, 2006, in the Yorkshire area. This death was attributed to debts through his own company going bust, not all that far geographically from the death location of Stephenson i.e. the coroner's statement was read out in Nottingham. Famous TV programmes presented were Ditch the Day Job & Time To Get Your House In Order. Living with boyfriend in Victorian Manor.>

……all other media had stated the police were withholding the nature of Carina Stephenson’s death.
Have noticed Carina’s death is now being fairly fully reported, whether or not this bears the usual hallmarks of these rather marconi deaths…..
“She was not bullied at school.” “She had enjoyed, as had the entire family, the four months of filming in Australia.”
…..while the police are reported as stating “Two suicide notes were left beside her body.” & “She had been visiting suicide websites.” The police took her computer away for analysis.

If you have the luck to be able to look at the book “Open Verdict: 25 Mysterious Deaths In The Defence Industry”, really examine the reports on the hypno-programming murder of David Sands (30/3/87) followed by the description of the near-death of David Greenhalgh.
Regarding the above about Carina Stephenson, the reader might look at the point at which David Greenhalgh’s smashed body (whose attempted murder was on the 10th of April 1987) is described, according to the police, as having a “neat cut on his left wrist”, which was found later on to be a lie by a local reporter, and a policeman being phoned, in the middle of a conversation (in a police station) with that local reporter, about Greenhalgh’s near-death, and told to shut up about it.
Presumably David Kelly’s murder involved similar police collusion, paramedics asserted he couldn’t have slashed his wrist as claimed, after a mandatory six months had passed since his assassination.
Nurses in charge of Greenhalgh in hospital were ordered never to repeat anything sensitive Greenhalgh might say by military police. Therefore this writer feels the police reports on the murder of Carina Stephenson are also not to be trusted. Besides, imagining both Hadcock-Mackay and herself finding a nice suitable piece of rope, judging it to have the correct tensile strength, padding quietly out into a wood, flinging the rope up over a branch which she or he has judged will also enable he or she to clamber onto it, in order to drop her or himself therefrom, a nice juicy supple unsnappable sapling, has a ring of incongruousness about it. (Interesting to see recent descriptions of inept hangings of Saddam Hussein & his brother, not even people entrusted with doing this as a job did it all that easily, they’re very messy ugly descriptions.)
Regarding David Sands, his death is the most obvious hypno-programming-related death, the main one which makes me think of a former MI5 agent, who, confidentially to me, claimed he knew what it was like to be shouted at by Margaret Thatcher – he described “the hypno-programming equation”, “they missed out pain” he said of other conspiracy theorists (mainly meaning Bowart & Valerian) who thought they knew about hypno-programming, “they apply a lot of pain”, so you will read of Special Branch operatives visiting Sands’ depot where he works, while Sands was on a week’s holiday abroad, he’d just finished a brilliant piece of writing and completed a project for Easams, (though Collins found Easams was allowing Marconi to disguise their use of Sands through their company) suddenly he went missing for a couple of hours within days of returning from this holiday, on the
29th of March, his wife was worried, he came back complaining of a very sore head (after being hypno-programmed by Special Branch, they’ll have driven karate-hardened hands into some usefully painful spot, the neck or the skull reliably causing a split personality, which is not called schizophrenia) then the following day he drove out onto a dual carriageway on which he did a U-turn in order to accelerate his car into a wall which he hit at 80 m.p.h. Having placed two five-gallon drums of petrol in his car before setting out, he was rendered unrecognisable by the resulting fireflash. Police commented on the total lack of skid-marks on the road, as if he had turned the car highly deliberately in a coolly measured manner, but not even David Sands was going to know what negative command his body was about to obey, any more than Candy Jones did.