Part 2

The full mysteriousness is insufficiently conveyed by these preceding paragraphs. It is worth stating that on the 17th of April 1987, “Thames Police” claimed that an amanuensis for Microscope, Shani Warren, aged 26, gagged her own mouth with a blue scarf, tied her own hands behind her back with spark plug cables, tied her own feet together with rope, then flung herself face down in a man-made lake called Lake Taplow, a land-fill area turned into a boating marina, with the houses of London’s top judges and most well-known TV personalities of the time, such as Frank Bough, able to be looked across to from the point where her corpse was discovered.
Shortly before her death she had just bought a bouquet of flowers for her boyfriend, found lying on the back seat, was planning to throw a party celebrating paying off her car, hence the bottle of Champagne there too, thus was the car brand new, a shining black Vauxhall Cavalier, and found in the boot were grass cuttings stuffed into black bags which she had announced to her mum & dad just before she drove out on that day, she was going to take round to her uncle.
This brand new car, upon examination soon after the death, was found by the police to have a faulty gear box, such that it could not have been driven away in first or second gear, or perhaps more simply, could not have been easily driven away. Since everything about the reports convey she was totally happy about her car, driving off merrily with the grasshalms in the boot, one wonders if the assassins fiddled with the axle necessary to induce a hindrance in handleability. Which means that the police could have been deducing where finger-prints might have been located.
The police had a knot expert available, who stated it would have been impossible for her to have tied those knots herself, even with a handy piece of string it would have been impossible to tie these particular knots behind her back, spark plug cables being even more difficult to do this with, which they averred because the police and other investigators tried tying such cables in knots as part of the evaluation of Shani’s termination. This did not result in an announcement that this is a murder we are dealing with, it resulted in the same knot expert saying a month or two later, yes, well, maybe she could’ve actually done it herself.
There has been no case in Britain more demonstrative of collusion and manipulation with Britain’s murderous Special Branch operatives than that of the death of Shani Warren, plus the ignoring of all the other deaths, which readers could check with a search engine: George Kountis, for example, dying on the same day as Shani, early forties, who drove north to the River Mersey from his place of work in a Bristol polytechnic (polytechnics decided to call themselves universities in subsequent years) to drive himself off into that water and drown himself. He had been a systems analyst. You wouldn’t think an educational establishment could involve you, could it….might comment on that fact later on……..
The final announcement after all the investigation by the police, approximately six months after her death, was that this former secretary to a Microscope manager, had most probably committed suicide, and Microscope (‘intelligent computer systems’ manufacturer) was taken over by GEC-Marconi four weeks after the date of Shani’s death at a cost of £16m. It was the first such acquisition in seven years for GEC-Marconi. (To interject another point, imagine the amount of people who will have simply typed “mysterious deaths” into a search engine and immediately got “GEC-Marconi” – quite some incentive to change the company name, to BAE Systems as said.)
The announcement of suicide incensed and amazed a reporter for the News Of The World newspaper, who then did her level best to reconstruct this “suicide”, it being the most ridiculous claim yet by the British police of a suicide in bizarre circumstances.
This woman wore high-heeled shoes as Shani did, which of course did leave imprints in the sand-bank. However they inadvertently, without even having thought of suggesting the wearing of flat-soled shoes, found that those shoes of the helpers in setting up the scene made no imprint whatsoever. That didn’t suit the police, and the point remained unmentioned in their final reports.
The next most marconi death, if there be such a thing as a marconimeter to measure such things as marconiness, was actually of a BBC radio actress, and took place around the time the News of the World reporter was acting up over these cowardly grovellings before GEC-Marconi’s assassins/henchmen. This is the death of Fiona Mathieson, on October 3rd 1987, the reader could skip to that now if she or he so wishes.
The cops have, in years since, tried to pin Shani Warren’s murder on a tramp, unsuccessfully.
……….and the reader might like to know, that Shani Warren had lived round the corner, in the Maidstone area of south-east England, from actual Marconi worker David Greenhalgh, who’s accident had occurred one week prior to Shani’s death. Needless to say, the pigs never mentioned that either.

In general support of this treatise, the author feels compelled to describe a death where he was confidentially informed it had really been a murder, though it went into the papers as a suicide, a fume-filled car job. The confidante was in the circle of the Royal Family, in the genetic line of their chatelaines. Possibly the method of terrorising this woman, Alexandra Wernher, is more interesting than her claim that the Duke of Edinburgh’s nephew and godson, Sir Nicholas Phillips, was murdered and did not commit suicide, aged 43, on the 1st of March, 1991.
The reports you may find on the internet describe Sir Nicholas as having committed suicide in despair at failing business ventures. It is up to the reader to avail her or himself of these facts, it’s interesting to see how in his wealth all the famous conspiracy theory stuff comes into play, especially knowledge of paintings –for comparison, if the reader is into working on this data, besides the usual “secret messages in paintings” victims (e.g., Anthony Blunt, the Queen’s art expert, framed as a communist, some think that what he’d really done is suss out mysterious messages in paintings such that he was then terrorised by lies put into the papers by the Masons, or “Masons”, people always willing to help out the Royal Family and try also googling lots of info on the strange death of Thomas Ince in 1924, shot dead by William Randolph Hearst on his yacht christened “The Cat’s Miaow”, it goes back over previous decades to mysterious behaviour of another art expert……)
Back to today…….Alexandra Wernher claims that the method of terrorising her into submissive silence was by Masonic acolytes walking right up to her, as she walked London streets, and saying things into her ear, making absolutely sure what they said sounded as though, or conveyed that they were, hearing her thoughts. So, like, thinking of meeting Regina at maybe four tomorrow, Alexandra……? We’ll go and tell her if you want, don’t waste your money on a phone call, we’re awfully obliging people……..if Alexandra had been thinking of boiling the head of the Queen like a cabbage in a big pot, they walked up to her & said “……..maybe we’ll boil YOUR head like a cabbage in a pig pot…..”

The death of Marconi worker Alan Blumlein, a long time ago, was quite mysterious. He died in an aviation accident in 1942 with a fantastic radar development on the plane, which crashed to the ground with an engine gone on fire, the ground just by the River Wye. Five other guys died with him who also had been working on this H2S radar system, on the 7th of June 1942, but all that’s going to be on the net in greater detail than it is worth it for me to go into….a friend told me his grandfather died “working for Marconi in 1941”, will recount this conversation. (Bear in mind Blumlein invented stereophonic listening during the 1930s, some see him as the real inventor of television, more so than the Scot John Logie Baird, who is recorded as so totally the most tight-lipped scientist ever, his biography is often commented on as rendered difficult to write due to that. But you see how easily one comes across information suggesting something bigger than they’re admitting to is going on in Marconi with TV looming large in the bigger picture.)
Maybe their secret is looking at a TV screen, and the TV ‘box’ has a signal decoder programmed for VLF decoding – brain-wave frequencies, that is. They’re frightened of admitting, to some military personnel especially, that they were able to switch on a television in Britain and look right through Hitler’s eyeballs, and whomsomever else they wanted.
Had gone around to “Dan and Vicky’s” place, nearish to Camden, in 1991, thinking we were mainly going to discuss Chi Kung and Tai Chi, them doing breakfast and everything, then we sat talking. Telling them of my recent discussion of the Marconi problem of mysterious deaths of their scientists with a former BBC TV cameraman, who was 62 at that time, who told me the frequency you would use to tune into people’s brainwaves and hear their thoughts would be around 300 Hertz…….
………and Dan immediately contributed the fact that his grandfather had died working for Marconi in 1941.
“They told us he’d jumped out a window. There were lots of people working for Marconi then dying in plane crashes but we just thought it was the standard of technology then, we didn’t think about it. But now that you mention it….we kept how our grandfather died away from our grandmother, we didn’t want to upset her, but when she dies I’ll talk it over in greater detail with you. We don’t want much said about it right now.”
Well, it’s fifteen years later, Dan, if you want to get in touch with me……..

The first step in a process leading to the death of a ten-year-old boy in BBC TV’s Elstree Studios (around the 20th of August 1990 ((the film “Star Wars” made here))) necessitated some delinquent vandal bursting open a towel cabinet in the toilet which the boy would, hours later, walk along the corridors to use. Bearing in mind the vandal then twirled the towel round and round leaving the towel lying spooled out in a pile, this is the main marconi death I’d choose to do a filmed reconstruction of. The point would not be to have a towel cabinet, with the towel hanging down in a U-shaped loop, all nice and ready to be opened to save the embarrassment of the actor, the point would be to show that first act would have been difficult to carry out. The actor would struggle to open the cabinet, then take out the towel, which would then need to be spun to a point where it could all be rolled off the wooden rolling pin in the middle of the towel, and after all that, the vandal would then be ordered away by the film director, because all he supposedly did is go away after that bit of inane fun.
It cannot be, of course, that in going off to use the toilet, leaving the crèche facility provided for working acting mummies, little Martin Wilson is about to disturb someone talking about something with someone else which they would like to violently suppress, and hints as to what those subjects might be are being dropped all over this website.
To suit the murderous elite of this bourgeois TV society, little Martin can only be about to pick up one end of the towel, then start twirling himself round and round “playing a little game with himself” (before or after a pee or a crap?) until the “entirety”, the reports were “the entirety”, of the towel was wrapped about his neck, whereupon the neck broke. The crèche supervisor eventually noticed Martin had been away for an unusually long time, went to find out what was going on, only to find him suspended thusly. Turning out to be unable to apply first aid he called an ambulance, in which Martin…..…..joined the heavenly choir.
The police did state they were suspicious of this, which is a relief to me writing and wondering if I’m sounding excessive, before they’ve been phonedupnshutup they sound just like you and I. The police must therefore have contemplated the same possibilities:
…..more than one persons were inside that toilet talking about: Rantzen’s frame-ups? (Remember to watch whether her eyes look down and to the side uncontrollably if she’s questioned about this) …..or……
“We’re gonna have to bump off that scumbag next…..(toilet flushes)….F * % k! There’s someone f+-kin’ here! F£$k!” They then smashed the cabinet open to fake a quickly rustled-up accident, then got the cops to do the usual. Sweet Fanny Adams. Noowww, I know few people will think that worth considering, the police so easily being controlled over a killing like that and making me sound implicitly ridiculous, but the extensive quote of a hitman later on in this partly involves how startled he was at the pigs shutting up over the death of a 16-year-old girl… read on…..
We like these illegal words don’t we?
Martin Wilson’s death was extremely tinily reported, whereas when a mother was thought to have possibly strangled her daughter, the claim was that a necklace had accidentally throttled her when it accidentally caught on a bush, the possibility of her guilt was covering three or four pages of various British newspapers each day for a good few weeks, for the sake of comparison.
A friend of mine, Karen O’Keith once worked in Silicon Valley, before deciding to study Archaeological Musicology at Edinburgh University, which is well behind her now, but when Karen was in Silicon Valley, she told me that the way the other workers would trust the toilets as a place to discuss matters that they didn’t want their employers to hear was quite frightening.
“The first time I went to the toilet in that place I thought some lesbians or somethin’ had followed me in there, then I realised the heavy vibe from them was they felt the toilet was the only place they felt they could talk.”
As with Silicon Valley workers, so with Marconi’s exterminators.

Georgi Markov was a BBC radio World News announcer, broadcasting specifically to the Eastern Bloc, soon to feel the back of his leg being punctured and ‘twas thought to have been from the tip of an internally altered umbrella, 7/9/78. This took place just over the road from London’s Waterloo Bridge, the British claiming Bulgarian President Zhivkov had ordered Markov’s execution because of Markov criticising him, Markov’s articles appearing regularly in the New Statesman, then the Imankov government of Bulgaria, in 1992, supposedly admitted the Bulgarian secret service had killed Markov. This responsibility was denied a few weeks later, the Bulgarian government suddenly claimed they thought the Bulgarian secret service could not have done this.
British information sources stated that “doctors had told them, because he had said whilst he lay dying that he had been warned this would happen”, and “British doctors said Markov recalled the man apologising in a foreign accent”. Surely those who can notice that sudden change in syntax from my factual outpouring to the British reporters’ mendacious rationalisation, surely we should bring to mind Russell Harty’s liver-disease-to-suit-the-state, description coming up, Brotherhood writer Steven Knight saying he will never accept hospitalisation in Britain… was Porton Down, the military bio-engineering complex where the AIDS virus was developed before being shown off to the American CIA via dissemination throughout South Africa, to which Markov’s body was taken for analysis. America’s Fort Dettrick only secreted phials of the AIDS serum, by the way, before injecting AIDS into blacks and homosexuals in American prisons, being impressed by how well it was doing in South Africa.
In March 1991 files were destroyed which were specifically about Markov, held in Sofia, capital of Bulgaria, the western CIA et al claiming this must indicate the putridity of the Russian and Bulgarian secret police, though “The Assassination of Robert Maxwell” by Gordon Thomas & Martin Dillon, suggests an American CIA-controlled coup was happening in that year, giving an impression that certain people knew the forcing down of Mikhail Gorbachev was a carefully disguised military ‘coup d’etat’ mainly perpetrated by the American CIA with the collusion of Mossad, this knowledge caused John Tower & Amiram Nir, amongst many others, to die mysterious deaths (two mysterious plane crashes). I know that there are different suggestions on the net about their deaths, but the forementioned book suggests the really big thing they knew about was the engineering of the ‘coup d’etat’ in Russia – who would have been in a better position than Georgi Markov to warn the Eastern Bloc, a man broadcasting to them daily, about evil western machinations against them?
Markov, Dando, Tom Brown, Elizabeth Howe, et al, were all well-placed to find out unsavoury facts. They are purely and simply four people walked up to and killed, all on British soil, Marconi employees of various types, with similar overtones in the descriptions of their deaths.
As per the “Invitation to Join the ‘Masons’” section, let’s enumerate how many TV +/or radio personalities have stabbed their lovers to death, or have been claimed to. The study method was to pick the first few years of the 1990s, this could very easily be the same for the noughties.
On the 20th of March, 1990, Michael Kyte, a ‘television engineer’, (though see later the position Don Best held) decided to stab Ruth Evans, his girlfriend, to death, who had been missing from her home in Warminster and her night-school classes for a while (a touch of marconi missingness there) … more on that, though readers might like to know that Warminster is a defence-oriented town and many strange stories emanate from there….
Next ‘killer’ is Clive Roberts, who on the 20th of January 1990, in Bangor in Wales (so one might correctly assume he & his live-in lover worked for HTV despite reports omitting to mention which TV company he had worked for) decided to murder said girlfriend, Elinor Roberts, coincidence of surname. Very shortly reported.
The following year, TV actress Victoria Howden, 26, of Devon “may have decided to shoot her husband then herself”….and that is all.
Benjamin Stewart, another ‘television engineer’ was charged by police with the murder of, and driving of, his dead wife’s body out to a forest car-park where her body was found burned and partly clothed, near the Abbotts Wood picnic area of the Alice Holt Forest in Surrey. This act was reported on the 5th of January 1993.
Then there’s the odd case of Michael Shorey, claimed to have, whilst acting in a dreadful ‘soap’ called Eldorado, one of the BBC TV’s worst ever expensive failures, stabbed two girls to death out of some jealousy kind of reason, and it is a quite unlikely sequence of events. Making five people working in the same industry supposedly murdering their lovers/ex-lovers inside a time period of two or three years.
The essence of the Shorey case is that, after stabbing these two female estate agency assistants to death, (in the middle of a huge career jump of being a regularly appearing TV actor in a high profile soap) one called Patricia Morrison and the other called Elaine Forsyth, both in their late twenties, the two corpses were then carried down flights of stairs, wrapped in carpets, this phase of the murder being asserted in court as very difficult to have done without neighbours noticing in adjacent flats.
Thusly obscured, the two corpses were then stuffed into a car, which Michael Shorey then drove around town at rush-hour time, and again this also was asserted as difficult to have done at Shorey’s trial, in fact one friend, Valentino Valiandis, claimed that Shorey couldn’t drive, he had never seen Shorey drive a car, however after this the police did another search of Shorey’s flat and on finding a Learner’s Licence there, used that to totally invalidate Valiandis’ testimony. Objectively speaking, the act of driving around the two bodies wrapped in carpets was thought difficult for an experienced driver, and Shorey was proven to be a Learner, whom a close friend had still not yet seen drive. Valiandis’ wife stated in court that she’d seen Shorey in a bar having a drink, soon after the putative time of the double-murder, looking very shocked with an arm around a friend. Shocked by the ‘masons’ method of removing him from television, most likely.
Shorey claimed he was sleeping with an “Eastenders” actress called Sandy Ratcliffe at the time of the murders, whilst engaged to Elaine Forsyth, whom he had told the lie that he was actually meeting a male colleague. He simply went to Sandy’s home, they went to bed & watched TV, on the night of the double murder.
Shorey’s trial took a year to come to court, an interesting comment was made by a representative for the BBC, “we deliberately employ shady characters, people who might generate stories in the papers”.
Which is what Bob Lazar said about his American employers in Area 51.
Bob Lazar was employed ‘because he had a shady background’, he had been said to have run a bordello, Spanish word for a whorehouse, “so that if I looked like I was going to blow the whistle on strange goings on here, if they put a lie in the papers to discredit me, the American public would tend more to believe the story.”
On top of all that, this researcher has noted that a high number of estate agents, mostly female, have died in mysterious circumstances. Susy Lamplugh is just one of many.