Part 3

So what’s it like to work in TV & radio?
Because of the recent gagging of BBC workers, paying their top names something like £150,000 to keep their mouths shut about their jobs, it would be difficult for me to approach current personnel. However a former BBC TV personality runs regular yoga classes, including holding retreats, the gentleman in question is called Muz Murray, he runs week-long classes in rustic surroundings, the author attended one of those when it took place in Grimstone Manor, about 15 years ago, and funnily enough, Muz turned out to have a thing about how frightening it had been working for the BBC.
“Everyone’s a mason in the BBC. Masons are all over the place there. It was a frightening atmosphere and eventually I left, thinking someone was going to come after me and kill me. That’s why I went into the Himalayan mountains, and I learned all the Tibetan yoga still frightened someone was going to come after me and kill me.”
Newsreaders Moira Stewart and John Humphrys would seem to support that, in that they have both wanted to sue people in the BBC because of how brutally they felt they had been dealt with by ‘surprisingly awful personalities’. This is quoting Moira Stewart, would appreciate knowing more about all that. (Three other off-camera-type BBC workers have also wanted to sue the BBC for the same reason.)
Muz Murray had been feted to become one of the BBC’s top entertainers in the early 1980s.

“Reason for death: undisclosed” is appended to the death of a Scottish ITV crime reporter, who had been away from the television industry for two or three years, had worked for TV for approximately 20 years from a date around 1980, albeit he had run away from Britain and lived in Europe for two years, while police and newspapers alike claimed that he was avoiding a court appearance for driving offences during that time, however, he came back to Scotland, went on trial, then was found dead in his Edinburgh flat. His name had been Geoff Brown, and Geoff’s death is in the category of Marconi deaths where the individual concerned has left the company for a while. Had also been divorced, his children surviving him. Died 1st of March 2003, at the age of 43. Police were described in Edinburgh newspaper reports as refusing to describe nature of “suicide”.
Like, what sort of story is there that he might have grassed to the public? There is a story going around, although it clearly is not a TV-related incident, but further information is trickling through the grapevine re the death of Willie McCrae, an outspoken Scottish Nationalist supporter, who died on the 6th of April 1985, with overtones of Hilda Murrell about it. According to the grapevine, it was not Hilda Murrell-like at all, though the disappearance of papers describing secrets of the nuclear industry made it appear like this.
The police described Willie McCrae as having committed suicide by shooting himself in the head sitting in his car despite the gun being found 60 feet from the car. The car was found close to a river near to Fort William, quite far from the road.
I know through Ramblers connections that a group of hill-walkers were rambling across a side of the Glencoe valley during the day of the 7th of April 1985, when some single man started wildly firing a rifle at them, emptying out the magazine at the approaching enemy, though they were too far away for the bullets to do any damage.
An interesting insight into the state of mind of these extreme wrong-wing people.
The whispered McCrae story goes that a bunch of ordinary able seamen had stumbled upon a huge horde of heroin in the hold of a famous destroyer, they were standing staring at this heroin when “top brass” came into the hold next, the various captains, lieutenants, admirals of the ship, whatever you call them. These seamen were then sacked for no other apparent reason than that they knew about the heroin stash.
The sailors then decided to tell Willie McCrae because of his outspoken reputation, for the loud personality that had made him famous. It was soon after that that Willie McCrae was found dead. Some say the window of the car was also wound up, making it even more obvious that the police were colluding with the killers. The Navy killers, in this instance. This story about Willie McCrae will become more important the more you read of this website.
The reader may find a BBC report on the McCrae death, however this does not mention McCrae having had a bodyguard-cum-chauffeur in the period up to his death. The bodyguard is also reported to have committed suicide a few months later, also found dead in a car by a roadside, that is from memory, can’t recall more than that, presumably “a fume-filled car job”. Generally the death of Willie McCrae is thought to have been rather Hilda Murrell-ish, with him having been planning a book exposing corruption of the nuclear industry he was “always so passionately opposed to”, and the papers collated for the book all disappearing from the car. The point is just to say, that surely Geoff Brown would be better placed than most to investigate a mysterious lead, whether announced as having left TV crime reporting or not, and very serious stories do drift around town. Anything could have happened, and Geoff’s death does have characteristic marconi overtones.
Er, by the way, attention ye Lothian yins up there in Bonnie Scotland, in a “stop press” last minute sense the author has had intimated to him that all is not as it seems re the bizarre death of Stuart Bain, found dead at the foot of a mobile phone mast at the top of Warklaw Hill in Currie, near Edinburgh in Scotland. Apparently he was going to blow the whistle on his corrupt Rosyth Dockyard employers, he’d been talking to someone I have been told the name of (withheld) saying he was not happy about what was going on, then suddenly he was found dead completely naked way up on the top of a hill, claimed to have flung himself from the top of the phone mast, having clambered over an eight-foot high barbed wire fence, farmer stating he could not see how he could have done this, having discovered the body, “blood everywhere”. So those were Rosyth’s emanations roughly contemporaneously with the death of Geoff Brown. Stuart Bain’s termination occurred on the 13th of March 2003. The Edinburgh cops won’t be much use, they all shut up when one of their number got his throat ripped out by the bare hands of a mafia hitman, in the early 1990s. For my files, if the Edinburgh police would like to tell me the date they put this rubbish on the front page of the Edinburgh Evening News about one of their men having died suddenly of a heart attack in Leith Docks, it would be greatly appreciated.
A brother of Stuart Bain has contacted me to say he did think his brother was a bit sort of mentally ill, he had had an odd fixation about antenna masts, the brother said he saw Stuart’s period of employment in the Rosyth Naval Dockyard as rather exaggerated, “It was only one day he was there, so I don’t think that could relate, I’d go more for him having been mentally ill.”
Nevertheless, even bearing in mind ‘mentally ill’ as maybe the explanation, it even then sounds bizarre, and there is the statement of the disturbed farmer who discovered his body, that it wasn’t an easy fence to climb, no it wasn’t, I saw it myself, about 8 feet & spiky at the top to deter kids. Which he assailed naked.

Another death this writer is aware of that has: reason for death: undisclosed, appended to the obituary is that of Paul Dirac. BBC TV did broadcast a half-hour programme about mysterious circumstances surrounding Dirac’s termination at the age of 82, though many independent workers make programmes and submit them to the BBC or whatever TV station takes their fancy. In the same series, a programme was about how Thomas Edison learned how to overhear people’s thoughts electronically, with some kind of decoder, whereupon he shot his assistant dead for absolute secrecy. Paul Dirac was a famous nuclear physicist famed for his “Dirac Sea” theori.
So three reasonfordeath: undiscloseds – Geoff Brown: Paul Dirac: and (almost) Carina Stephenson. Two of them television workers.

There is a fourth one: BBC Radio’s Fiona Mathieson.

Remember only the internet had a reference to Stephenson’s body being found hanging dead in a forest, on a website dedicated to dishing dirt on TV. Possibly the pigs were forced to pretend openness regarding the case by the net.

Paul Dirac’s death was in 1984 on the 20th of October, occurring in the Florida town of Tallahassee, and he had gained his degree from Bristol University sometime in the 1920s, that favourite location for scientists who wish to commit suicide, the Clifton Suspension Bridge being a particularly juicy choice (with BBC offices close by, and the BBC licence processing unit in another district of Bristol) for disbridgification. If someone somewhere could tell me what was thought to be suspicious about Dirac’s death, at the age of 82, what was the content of that television programme, very seldom watch television……..Fiona drove many hundreds of miles more than usual to kill herself, however……..

Whatever the truth of the “Masons’” description of themselves, as per the “Invitation to Join The Masons” section (in which, now infamously, they claim they will put a twice-convicted child-molester at the top of MI5), in the early months of 1990, prompted by the recent publication (in January 1990) of Tony Collins’ book “Open Verdict”, a Sunday Times journalist performed his own investigative foray into the syndrome of GEC-Marconi workers’ mysterious deaths, and besides the pederast thing, every one of the Collins-listed scientists, he said, had been an electro-magnetic wavelength spectrum analyst. No doubt particularly expert in the non-hertzian frequency range……of from 300Hertz downwards.
In further reference to these “Masons”, in stating they were intending to frame Jeremy Thorpe as a closet homosexual, a few years after that 1974 “Masons” conversation, Jeremy Thorpe was indeed in the papers during 1977 being claimed as having secretly tried to hire a hitman to have this secret lover murdered, this lover being called Norman Scott. Hence the floating voters drifted to the Conservative camp, a little more voted for the Conservatives than usual in 1979, hence the Masons-controlled Margaret Thatcher’s ascent to power.
When Cornelius Cardew died in December 1981, a journalist working for the Times speculated that this might be the start of a large number of killings of prominent left-wing intellectuals, this being due to the extreme wrong-wing of the Benighted Kingdom romping off on a power-drunk ego trip upon the coming to power of the tall sTories. Cornelius had been a composer of atonal music, which happens to be one of this writer’s enthusiasms, and Esther Rantzen was, later on in the decade of the 1980s, to express considerable annoyance at this type of dissonant composition, transmitting herself on television in an episode of That’s Life attending a rehearsal of an atonal composition, asking questions of the musicians in such a manner as to assume of the viewer this utter ridiculousness of this knotted mass of noise.
Esther Rantzen is probably the most famous, known, female Mason, or whatever that female version of the Masons is.

As mentioned earlier, this writer has been confidentially informed of a claim of a rare brain disease being the actual cause of death of Russell Harty, who died in early June 1988, one contemporaneous paper stated 6/6/88, which is rather Masonic sounding.
At the present moment am aware of someone on the internet having written about meeting a somewhat plutocratic fellow (“proud of the 1963 Petrus Champagne in his cellar”) who stated that he’d observed, a number of times, rather rough sorts, in bars that Harty had frequented, violently exhorting people to state that Russell Harty was homosexual, and invent stories there which would inform the public that he was dorisday, in the months after Russell Harty’s death at the age of 53, which made him suspicious that Russell had not died the way they said he did, in fact he didn’t even think he was homosexual.

It is that above claim re Harty that this writer can lend some support to. Also in contact with a plutocratic individual, also wishing to remain anonymous, this writer mentioned suspicions re Harty’s death, not expecting this instant emotional response:
“Yes, my family has always known Russell Harty didn’t die the way they said he did. My family is friendly with Russell Harty’s family, and they had been suspicious of Russell’s death. They asked the BBC what was going on, and the Beeb instantly came up with another story, that they hadn’t wanted the public to know Russell had had a strange brain disorder and the Beeb were financing all the expensive medication that was propping him up. They claimed they’d wanted the closest family members to believe Russell had died happily, so they cooked up a story about Russell catchin’ hep at a homosexuals’ party.”
For the sake of contrast and veracity, here are verbatim quotes from Daily Telegraph newspapers of May 1988, when another story being regularly reported on was Legionairres’ Disease viruses being blown from a pipe leading down to BBC Broadcasting House ventilation systems from a water cooling tower situated on the roof of the building, to eventually result in the death of three other BBC employees.

4.5.88, The Daily Telegraph
“Mr. Russell Harty, 53, the television and radio presenter, was gravely ill in the intensive care unit of Saint James’s University Hospital, Leeds, last night with hepatitis and acute liver failure.
Mr. Harty, 53, who lives in North Yorkshire, was admitted as an emergency case in Airedale Hospital early yesterday and then transferred to St. James.”

6.5.88, The Daily Telegraph
“Russell Harty, the 53-year-old broadcaster, was unconscious and on a life-support machine last night after a deterioration in his condition at St. James’s Hospital, Leeds, where he is being treated for viral hepatitis.”

9.5.88, The Daily Telegraph

Harty Comes Out Of 5-Day Coma
“The television presenter Russell Harty yesterday regained consciousness from a 5-day coma at St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds, although he remains very ill from acute liver failure.
Professor Monty Losowsky, medical department head and consultant in charge of the case, confirmed that Mr. Harty was suffering Hepatitus B.”

Harty died, 6/6/88.

These direct quotes are to convey the difficulty anyone will have attempting to claim that this man’s death was other than that which it was, but from “the second plutocrat on Harty” we have a claim that Russell’s family was suspicious, and expressing their suspicions to the BBC prompted this other brain-disease explanation.

Section V of this website describes a hitman killing a policeman for the Mafia then making sure a “load of rubbish went into the papers”.
……..anyway, you see that Professor Losowsky will be able to get the records out and say, it’s all here, don’t know what you’re talking about pal.
A little more about my personal plutocrat, he attended the most expensive conceivable educational institutes during his upbringing, primary school & high, or secondary, school. He claimed the fee had been £200,000 a year and this writer will not state the location of that, but it was a case of it being no piddling little Eton for him, Eton’s for the plebs as far as he’s concerned, and another aspect of what is sensitive about this confidante is that he watched politicians all through his childhood being bribed with millions of pounds, right in front of him, to achieve legislation which would be effectively biased towards whatever companies those bribers represented. He will not admit having said that to anyone, simply admitting “I’ll just say I never said any such thing mate.”

After that, what does one believe? There’s the sort of murder that is famous throughout the world, Jill Dando’s, the actual killing of her could be for the precise same reason as Tom Brown’s, and that is the consideration of this writer’s exposition here, that she died mysteriously, aged 37 on the 26th of April 1999, her boyfriend giving a strong impression in a Sunday Times magazine interview that he doubted Barry George was guilty of her killing. One of the so-called witnesses to Barry George’s love of guns, described Barry George’s time in the Territorial Army, describing him discharging a gun in this witness’s hallway when he was in his teens, this witness, David Dobbins, was found hanging dead in his London flat a few months after Barry George was sentenced. So if there is to be a retrial, one of the trial witnesses cannot be re-cross-examined……It was actually Dobbins’ death that was marconi-ishly reported, extremely tinily, and in one newspaper, The Times. Said to have suffered from depression most of his life, but that is not what one knows, it is what one has read.
Jill Dando’s death is another strange death of an employee of a Marconi-related industry.
Barry George was sentenced on August 21st, 2001.
(A recent TV report stated that another witness has died since Dando’s killing, this time the man, a reverend, who asserted the police were lying in claiming they were not carrying guns ((because he saw they were)) when they entered George’s apartment. Don’t know more than that at present.)