Part 4

It was around the year of Harty’s death that the mysteriousness of Marconi’s swinedrome of strange deaths was occasionally being reported in the papers.
After Tony Collins’ book had appeared, post-1989 there was a sudden plunge in the reporting of these deaths, which makes one wonder if they had carried on happening, however not being reported.
A Marconi worker offered the following personal impression of what it is like to work in GEC-Marconi, this is a guy speaking in the early 1990s, he was receiving private tuition from me in yoga , he stated that there is a lot of the feeling that you’ve been working for a while with a guy, getting to know her or him, then suddenly s/he just isn’t there with no explanation, no send-off office party, no notification that Leslie isn’t going to be at work tomorrow, no nothing……

…….roundabout the time of Russell Harty’s death…………

Don Best died.

It was difficult in rereseaching this strange death to find again the correct reference to Don Best as “Manager for Development Services for BBC Radio”, couldn’t find again any reference to Don Best’s actual high position in the BBC….my old notes from a few years before have had to be used, and it should be pointed out that if you read “Open Verdict” you will see that many of these rather marconi deaths involve the dead individual having held a much higher position than actually reported, in fact not even working for the company they are initially claimed (by the police of course) to have been working for. Very brief mentions.
On the 9th of May 1988, four days after Russell Harty was first announced as having been admitted into “Saint James University Hospital” “in a coma”, i.e. the 5th of May 1988, Don Best was claimed to have attached a hose-pipe to the exhaust of his car, grasped the other end of it and pushed it through a window, then sat in the driver’s seat in order to allow the fumes to smother him.
One of the reports I’d read a few years ago stated that Don Best had left a note to his wife and his children “thought to say” that he felt responsible for an outbreak of Legionairre’s Disease, through an emission from a BBC water cooling tower near Broadcasting House in Portland Place in London, ninepeopledyingthreeofthemBBC workers, that’s the press story anyway, the story the “Beeb” put in the papers.
Don Best was then asserted by some colleagues as deluded in thinking he could conceivably have any responsibility for this disease outbreak, since he had only held his post for a year. However, in the reresearching process, was totally unable to find again a reference to Don Best’s actual high position in the BBC, each tiny little single paragraph simply said:
“Don Best, an engineer for the BBC, committed suicide by attaching a hosepipe to the exhaust of his car.”
It’s interesting that the British military had been known to be experimenting with infectious viruses blown through grids roughly contemporaneously, anyway let’s sum up, quickly paint in the summertime deathscape of 1988:

Three as yet unnamed BBC workers supposedly dead through Legionairre’s Disease.

Kenneth Williams reported dead on the 15th of April.

….on which date Russell Harty is reported as presenting with a liver condition, but on the 5th of May goes into a coma, dies 6/6/88 (one newspaper’s date).

9/5/88, Don Best commits suicide

About three-quarters of the way through the 50-minute film called “What’s a Carry On?”, an aging Leslie Phillips seriously expresses his disbelief that Kenneth Williams committed suicide.

“I’ll never believe Kenny Williams took his own life. Nothing’ll ever make me believe Kenny Williams took his own life.”

As if emphatically marconiising “Kenny’s” death, the film then suddenly cuts to an awards ceremony, with the few remaining Carry On stars making speeches, Barbara Windsor, Jean Simmons, et al, necessarily lamenting the large number of early deaths of many comedians, within a relatively short space of time. Phillips had taken a different direction in his acting career, stipulating after a few Carry On appearances that he will henceforth do nothing but serious roles, Shakespeare especially.
Googled data on Kenneth Williams, at present, is rather idolising and idealising. Looking at the papers of 1988, all the hallmarks of a rather marconi death begin to appear. Prior to his death he had been working for a Marconi-related industry, television, a lot, in fact people might find there is such a thing as a “BBC TV/Marconi” facility in Suffolk, quite close in location to Rendlesham Forest and USAF Bentwaters, and that dead bodies of human beings had been seen frequently floating in the waters offshore, during the 1950s, just at that geographical grid reference, the locals there say “but nothing ever appeared in the papers about it”. That is in a book called “Skycrash” by a woman called Jenny Randles. I know nothing more about that BBCTV/Marconi complex.
It was in mid-June, conveying that the authorities had retained Williams’ body for a while, that the coroner expressed curiousity as to how the comedian had died. The official line had been, up to that point, that Williams had died of a heart attack, in his sleep, making much of a stomach ulcer he was supposedly expecting an operation on, as if that couldn’t be handled with antacid tablets anyway.
The coroner “released” Williams’ body for cremation at one and the same time as he announced a feeling that he should perform a further autopsy.
Now, people like me who like to look at abstract art and listen to dodecaphonic music, aren’t experts on how soon a body should be cremated after brain-death, however there are those references to the bodies of Danny Casolaro (10/8/91) and Thomas Ince (1924, head-wound ((press-reported as stomach-poisoning)) after that party on “The Cat’s Miaow”, ((killer)) William Randolph Hearst’s brand new yacht) being cremated very soon after their deaths when they clearly merited further examination. Therefore presumably it is strange for the coroner to announce he thinks a further autopsy should be performed at one and the same time as he releases it for cremation – not burial, cremation. This Protestants’ cremation thing is really cool.
The pathologist had found that Kenneth Williams “had committed suicide” with a substance he would have had to go out of his way to obtain, sodium amylobarbitone. Sodium amylobarbitone had been illegal in Britain for a few years, and would only have been available on the black market, and in pill form is how Kenneth Williams supposedly over-ingested it.

We have a surprising source of support in our suspicions – the George Bush Senior administration in power in America in 1988. A spokesman for that administration had announced they were puzzled and disturbed by the sheer amount of these mysterious deaths in Britain, all connected with one company, a rough quote of that spokesman goes: “You guys go on about all the deaths there are in New York with people being mugged on our subways and all that, but we no way could have that amount of mysterious deaths all connected with one company.”
Nevertheless, in 1989, the British defied the logic of that American consternation, and announced there was nothing all that really unusual about the large number of deaths of people employed, overtly or covertly, by GEC-Marconi, and this writer takes that Bush comment as support for this spiel on radio & television-associated deaths.

Further support for our suspiciousness comes from another unlikely source.
Early Nineties indie band “The Sundays” have a lead singer called Harriet Wheeler, very very nice voice, the cover version of one of their songs is probably better known than their own, Tin Tin Out had a hit with their version of the Sundays’ “Here’s Where The Story Ends”, for the sake of a picture in the reader’s mind.
An NME interviewer unwittingly enquired as to why Harriet exercises every time she is about to perform on stage. He could not have expected an answer like this:

“Because I worked in such a heavy area of the civil service, and I had to learn such hellish state secrets in that office, ever since I’ve left I’ve been worried that they’re gonna send someone round to kill me, so I exercise because I want to put up a fight when they do.”

No doubt in this woman’s mind as to who is responsible for the deaths of those scientists.

Murder by the Briterican MI5.

I’ve felt for a very long time a general way of putting some musicians’ deaths, e.g. Chris Acland of Lush, found hanging dead in his Cumbrian home, aged thirty, 17/10/96, that Joy Division guy, Ian Curtis, 18/5/80, the way those “Masons” say they’ll give you a new girlfriend, the way Curtis got one quite mysteriously soon after his main woman had just had their first baby, then he goes and hangs himself which they blamed on his epilepsy… mind imagines a secret scene where he screams “I just won’t do your sick favours for you you sick cunts” then they either hung him there and then or hypno-programmed him to make it look like he was doing it himself…and that Feeder guy hanging himself in January 2002, in Miami…..these and many others who have died ‘marconi deaths’, including Michael Hutchence and Paula Yates-Bland (interesting to find she had been refusing to pay her TV licence and had appeared in court over this, suggesting an unusually heavy relationship with her former TV employers before her death) put very generalisingly, they have all appeared on television +/or radio, these dangerous studios.
Type in “Paula Yates”, it comes across as more marconi than you at first expect, i.e. “…neighbours said a man turned up at her house at three a.m., then there was screaming and yelling coming from the house, then a man drove away from the house soon after….” She was found dead later that morning 17/9/00, “police reports state there are no signs of violence or anything like that”, “police found empty vodka and pill bottles scattered around her bedroom” as much a lie as it was with David Greenhalgh.

Peter Gabriel is arguably the most neo-technology-connected person in rock music, a secret buzz amongst rock musicians is the story of Kate Bush refusing to go out with him any more at some point during the years after that 1979 TV show Kate and Peter did together (1987 seems to have been the year she disconnected from Gabriel), “He, er, didn’t quite get what he wanted…..” was the way a certain musician put it to me, which put into my mind the question of improper propositioning, and Kate Bush has written the most genuinely mysterious song which there are a few threads about on the internet, ‘Experiment IV’ – Sinead O’Connor has said of Gabriel’s demeanour,
“Peter Gabriel hasn’t just got strange vibes, he’s got really strange vibes….” and also “….I think he was a bit too forward with Kate…..”
……..the 15th of January 2004 is the date of the death of James Lawrence, guitarist for Hope of the States, a band which had just been given an unprecedentedly huge advance of 1.3million Euros……James Lawrence was found hanging dead from the roof of Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios in an area known as Box, an otherwise military-controlled zone near Bath in the south-west of England. Possibly I would leave this death alone, but as usual these marconi-ish deaths are leant strange overtones in the reports, and in this case the coroner, not someone we’re used to trusting, was described as having pressure put on him to say Lawrence’s death was a suicide, which he refused to do and announced an “open verdict”. Of course, it does not seem to be straightforward to the police to inquire of Gabriel regarding the matter…….that something about neotechnology, about esotechnology, is a little bit sensitive, you see, so we, er, have to sweep something under the carpet from time to time………
<<.....the father of Jimmy Lawrence contacted me via a cousin of Jimmy's, to say that a detail of his termination was that there had been no knot found in the scarf Jimmy supposedly was depending from....."The police completely ignored that point when we asked them about it & it didn't get into the autopsy I think there was police collusion in the death of my son.....>> So he wasn’t actually found hanging dead……all we can say confidently is: Jimmy Lawrence is dead.
Another aspect of James Lawrence’s death…….one of the most thorough investigators of the death of Dannie Casolaro is called Kenn Thomas, his book about that mysterious death is amongst my favourites: The Octopus: Secret Government and the Death of Dannie Casolaro……..the coincidence I’ve pondered, wondering whether I’m being excessive to mention it or not, is that Hope of the States’ record producer, producing their first debut album in order to satisfy the contract demands arising from the 1.3 million Euros advance, was called……Ken Thomas. Someone had written a book detailing many mysterious deaths all in connection with a strange piece of software called Promis, not just Casolaro’s, (i.e. writer Kenn Thomas), then a band with a record producer called Ken Thomas experienced a death of one of their members strongly reminiscent of those mysterious deaths…..but it probably is just coincidence.
Gabriel, meanwhile, has departed Box……the next-door neighbours there had felt badly annoyed by him, that’s also not got into the papers, he is not simply leaving Box to live more centrally in London, he’s had other kinds of trouble there.

Let us beware of divide and rule, dear readers, let not a rock musician think he is something different from a classical musician…..going from memory alone, this writer recalls a woman described as a “BBCTV concert pianist” getting chopped to bits with an axe by her husband, in the mid-1980s. He had previously been the top man, head scientist, of an experimental agricultural unit, presumably in or near to London, he then became mentally ill, had spent some time in Mental Health Care, then one day when given a few hours’ leave, with a reputation as having been of exceptional capability, he started going home on a visit to his wife. However one day he secreted an axe upon his person and then enthusiastically displayed his love for her, in his own way. Chopped her up.
A strange story that one, and more probably a hypno-programming example.

The other classical musicians’ death worth setting down here is that of Keith Pearson, before the reader avails her or himself of all the lovely details, it would be better if the reader typed in Danny Casolaro as a search engine thing, if this is not already a given. The author here is the only individual to have picked up on the death of Keith Pearson, but Casolaro, very shortly, was found dead in a bath in a motel in Martinsburg, West Virginia, with ten slashes on each wrist on the 10th of August 1991. (Other reports say seven slashes on each wrist.)
Can’t be bothered saying any more about that, the death of Keith Pearson was really tinily reported such that one had to be really sharp to catch it, however, he had been the principal clarinettist for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, that orchestra was beginning a ‘Latino Tour’ in August 1991, so all locations for performance were south of the landmass of America, namely Mexico, Uruguay, etc., when, in Mexico City, the adopted home of avant-garde America-hating American composer Conlon Nancarrow, in a hotel, Keith Pearson, sometime during the first few days of September 1991, approximately three weeks after the death of Danny Casolaro, in the middle of a tour, suddenly decided to climb into the bath in his hotel room, then slash each of his wrists seven times. The Orchestra’s boss, Louise Badger, discovered him, would like to speak to her about this.
The next odd thing this writer did is type ‘clarinets’ into a search engine, in a half-interested manner, to find that an expert on clarinet embouchure is called Henri Marconi, an expert on the art of placing one’s mouth around the mouth-piece of the clarinet. Therefore there was a reason for the word ‘marconi’ to come out of his mouth, and if you read any book on the assassination of John F Kennedy, you will find the American FBI had Mexico City in particular incredibly thoroughly wired up soon after. To listen for the slightest mention of, say, Lee Harvey Oswald?



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