Part 6

“Invitation to Join the Masons”

The “Masons” asked some guy to join them in the late sixties, sometime like that. The writer would like to point out, in all fairness to the well-known Masons of the Establishment, it is true that they have donated very generously to hospitals, so much so the Masons see themselves as having kept the Health Service going. However such is the cynicism about them of the outside world, they keep that a secret. A different type of secret, a non-morbid secret.
Possibly these secret society sorts, the evil ones, just steal a name from the surrounding society and disguise themselves with it, make themselves look better by claiming to be something that they are not.

The following is a rough representation of an effort to induce someone to become a “Mason”. The characters are Jack, Mason 1 & Mason 2.

…..they’d said they are always surprisingly open about their secrets, their goals and their killings, because 1930s Nazi newsreels had made them aware of how much body language became too giveaway, the nervousness of the newsreaders, in total subservience to Adolf Hitler, made it obvious to the public something unpleasant was going on behind the scenes, so to cope with that, neo-fascists throughout the world internationally agreed upon “openness”, to describe themselves as blandly as possible, in an effort to reduce bad body language.

So giveaway body language is big with the Masons: (as it is with Sinead O’Connor thinking about Peter Gabriel) it is not easy to supply evidence for such statements, though if the reader has seen the film “Syriana”, think about the moment one of the characters answers another by saying “You organised the second-creepiest party I’ve been to in Washington.” Which one can only understand in terms of an atmosphere, a miasma, being generated purely by body language, of America’s top politicians, and besides, it is fiction, isn’t it?

This partly explains why so much seems to have been said to one person that is all very heavy to read, crashing planes to get rid of one guy and stuff like that.
Here goes:

Mason 1 “The newscasters’ body language in German newsreels made it obvious something heavy was going on… we’ve developed this thing of confessing really openly about what we’re doing… that’s the reason we leave hints in the media, our numbers thing, the 39 steps, 39 levels of security clearance in the military, all the forces basically.We’re using psychology to reduce the bad vibes.”
Jack: “And the angles and things in paintings.”
Mason 1: “And in company logos…..
“We believe we’re right to have done things like start the First World War to maintain order, to fling the Germans and the British against each other to reduce each other’s populations, we needed to act before the proles obliterated us…..our big word is “total”.”
Jack: “….er….the German word for death….”
Mason 1: “When we do something like kill a guy’s girlfriend and stick her under his floorboards, we say we’re obeying a Total Command. We don’t just do it, we obey orders. If the big man orders us to put corpses under someone’s floorboards, then we do it. We call him Doctor Caligari, which keeps our thing going of using names that convey what we’re up to.”
Mason 2: “We like to tell the guy what we’re gonna do, we tell him ‘We’re gonna kill your girlfriend, and three of her girlfriends as well’, so just before their deaths he looks like he’s been acting strangely, so people say that about him.”
(Writer’s interjection: recall the plot of Doctor Caligari, a film in which a man appears to have been hypnotised in order to kill someone, also interesting to think how much Mesmer, one of Mozart’s friends, is thought to have been in at the start of the Adam Weishaupt secret society development, maybe justifying the hypno-programming aspect of conspiracy theory.)
While Mason 2 just sat there listening, Mason 1 went on:
“It gives us a good feeling if we put hints into stories that have appeared in the press, we create stories that are slightly silly, that make it obvious it couldn’t really have happened that way. But you need to know about the word ‘right’, we chose a psychologically biasing term to refer to our politics, the right is right, that’s what we want, and make the left sound wrong, to be connected with wrongness….”
Jack: “So, like, the word ‘gauche’, the French for left collocates with social clumsiness in English?”
Mason 1: “Yeh, you’re getting the idea. We did that in collaboration with the French right actually, we are quite international, we do get into how we all believe the same thing…..the more obvious one is Middle Eastern guys doing all their dirty things like always holding their dicks with their left hands, all the dirty tasks are done left-handedly…..”
Jack: “Or the roots of the words ‘sin’ & ‘sinister’, the word ‘sinistrorse’ means twisting round to the left.”
Mason 1: “Yeh. That’s right. We see ourselves as having done all that. Even more than that, the sound indicated by the letter ‘f’ used to indicate the ‘ssss’ sound, so you’ve got the lessed.”
Jack: “I don’t think we could be aware of that these days.”
Mason 1: “No. But it’s just the kind of thing we like to do. And you’ll be in on biased decisions against women in the courts, if you join us we do things like give your book a brilliant cover and a good slant in the media, if you don’t like us we’ll give your book a crap cover and bad publicity. And say you were a gay in the obituary, but if you’re good with us you get a really good obituary. Thinking over a long period of time of course.”
Jack: “Tell me something you think really will cause difficult body language.”
Mason 1: “We’re going to make the head of MI5 a twice-convicted child-molester. So that we can blackmail him into doing all the things we want him to do. We have a thing of choosing someone who’s already committed a crime, then getting him to kill someone we want rid of, because it’s easy to threaten him with something like killing loads of children, because we can easily make it look like he must have done it. So with the head of MI5, we’re saving our biggest hellish story, to reveal that someone has turned out to be a mass killer of children, to get him to do what we want.”
Jack: “You would kill all those children?”
Mason 1: “Yep. That’s our big thing. To get the terror to get the control. We deliberately create a tot, a tot-ally unbelievable story, we want the public to tot-ally disbelieve what the truth must be. We’ve got a really big thing of unbelievability….like if we want to get rid of someone that knows too much, and they’ve started getting weak-kneed about us, we’ll maybe crash a plane because nobody will believe we’re prepared to kill all those other people in order to get one guy. It was us who murdered Buddy Holly and Glen Miller. If we think the public won’t believe it, we go ahead and do it.”

(Writer’s note: for contemporary comparisons, Paul Wellstone’s death, a death of a democrat considered to be the biggest threat to the George Bush Jnr. Administration, occurred via a plane crash which is widely seen as suspicious, John Tower’s death with 22 other people is widely seen as suspicious, Aaliyah’s death by plane crash was preceded by the German newspaper Die Zeit, “eerily predicting Aaliyah’s death” and Germany’s Lufthansa airlines cashed in its airlines shares two days before the 9/11 twin towers smash. Also very recently learned of, a different former MI5 agent to the one I actually know personally, who lives in Norwich known to the local community, was observed by the Norwich locals to have cashed in tens of thousands of pounds worth of airlines shares the day before 9/11)

Mason 1: “We don’t like women getting to the top. It’s just not so easy to put a corpse under Joanna Lumley’s floorboards, basically. If we did something like that people would realise they should be more suspicious of that kind of story. That’s why we don’t like women in the media so much.”
Mason 2: “But we do have control over Margaret Thatcher and Mary Whitehouse, sometimes a woman is more subtle, getting Margaret Thatcher to the head of the Conservative Party was also one of our ideas. We try to keep the Labour Party a little bit dingy looking, keep the Conservative Party looking bright and upstanding, and we like the Liberals to look a little bit poofy. And serial killers come along from time to time, we secretly know that all they’re doing is killing loads of powerful leftie women.”
Mason 1: “We have a thing that the floating voter always votes Conservative when people are put off the Liberals, and the most off-putting image to the public is that of homosexuality. So we like to make Liberals look queer, high voices and pouting lips, images that we can manipulate in the media……it’s also us that get Mary Whitehouse to write letters of complaint into the BBC & ITV about sex on TV, we suppress porn because we know that if people are sexually suppressed, they spend a bit more stupidly…..we know that through studying social documents.
“And we’re plotting to get Jimmy Saville to trick lots of TV stars and other high profile sorts into getting photographed with children, we’re gonna angle the shots so they look like they’re maybe fiddling around with the kids, we’ve sat down and thought of what the most unbelievable claim could conceivably be to say someone has done, we think the public would never believe we could fake child molestation, so that’s exactly what we’re doing, to cause the most total outrage and hatred of the public. We’re choosing people who have slightly daft public images, so if someone says “Jimmy Saville is doing favours for a bunch of extreme right-wing fascists” we know it’ll sound dafter than it would with, say, Jeremy Paxman. We always go for that slant of the media image, to second-guess the way the public will react. Because we must increase our control. To have as much power as possible…..get as many of our members into television to manipulate the media as tot-ally as possible.”
Mason 2 “… we must get the Conservatives into power…’s also easier to control people who are Conservatives, we’re plotting to claim that Jeremy Thorpe wants to kill a homosexual lover, we’re gonna do this sometime over the next few years…..keep drugs illegal, keep excuses to plant drugs on people then arrest them then get our mates in the prison services to hang them from the prison bars, or get our mates in the Provisional Irish Republican Army to blow their brains out, then get some nice friendly Conservative to demand the death penalty back…..” (People have objected to me “Why do so many Conservatives die mysteriously ((as per Milligan, you’ll need to Google that name if you’re enthusuastic enough, but it is one of the most mysterious of all Conservative MPs’ deaths)) to which the answer is “Because it’s easier to claim they’ve got something to do with the military then bump them off if they don’t like us.” That is the BASIC reason, Milligan had a lot to do with TV, which is my personal slant on his death, am just simply not going into that here.)
Jack: “Fully realising you’re going to execute anything but the people who actually did commit the crime?”
Mason 2: “Yeh, and we don’t like the way Che Guevarra’s good looks have been able to be used by the left for a long time, all these posters and flags, so we walk up to anybody good-looking and try to take control of them, though of course we do that so that it isn’t embarrassingly obvious, we try to make sure people think with us, join us, tell them about ourselves as if they’re one of us, so we’re persistently trying to stop anyone brilliant slip past us, we go up to brilliant individuals and tell them you either do as we say or you’re dead, still trying to wangle it so that they join us rather than have them feel like they’re being forced to do stuff for us. We go up to people in high positions and tell them about us, get them doing favours for us. We deliberately let gays get into high positions because they can be much more easily manipulated.”
Jack: “Sort of like finding it really easy to turn the advances of democracy against democracy?”
Mason 1: “To show how much we hate communism we have been extracting valuable mineral wealth from Russia for many decades, over the border on the backs of donkeys, to make sure they don’t get it, the Russians haven’t suspected we would be so determined to organise something like that. We also use the fact that Italy borders Russia to manipulate Mafia men into going into Russia to do things nobody else would do, we like to be friendly with people like that….it suits us to keep the Mafia going in Italy, and other places as well.
“We could tell you why a bikini is called a bikini….have you ever been in a conversation where people are wondering why a bra-like thing is called after an island where they performed the earliest nuclear tests….? It’s just one of our little indications, which of course isn’t what the public got told…..we get people to feel embarrassed about their bodies, so connecting that with a nuclear blast conveys what we think we’ve done to the population…..we got the nuclear site called Windscale to be changed to Sell – afield, the prefix ‘sell’ conveys capitalism, and we got Prince Charles to call his little village in the south of England Poundbury, we just like our little capitalisms…..we like the pound bit, we like the sell bit…..tells you a little bit about us……”
Jack: “And Miss Moneypenny and the surname “Bond”. I’m wondering if the words power & property being the easiest words to type on a computer is part of all this….’cause people often say the sequence of letters on a type-writer always feels daft….except for that.”
Mason 2 “Yeh, we got the qwerty thing going, but that’s nothing compared to the way we got epsilon to be defined as undeveloped in the dictionaries, sort of inferior sounding, you wouldn’t guess about the word reticulate, which is meant to convey developedness, complicatedness, advancedness. We’ve murdered a lot of people after explaining all that.”
Jack: “What’s all that about?”
Mason 2: “We’ve got friends. From 39 light years away from here. The Zeta Reticulans. They’re the guys we want you to know about.”
Mason 1: “And the Epsilons are the ones we don’t want you to know about. From eleven light years away.”
Mason 2: “There’s been a little bit of a fight between these two planets.”
Jack: “So we’ve got lesstie aliens who’ve developed an egalitarian social system, and we’ve got right-wing aliens into deathalitarianism who’ve got a whiplash dothisdothat system?”
Mason 2: “Yeh. And like money.”
Mason 1: “That one causes a bit of trouble when we’ve told people about it……so you’ve obviously got to retain control over all these fantastic developments…it’s a lot to take in, but we must be the reason for anti-prostitution laws in Britain, and similar things to that.””
Mason 2 “Yeh.”
Jack: “And illegalising swearing in the media?”
Mason 1: “It makes it easy for us to chop up film and accidentally on purpose chop out embarrassing bits like police kicking demonstrators, we get into the editing rooms and stop the public seeing film of things like police doing the attacking, we like to just televise the bastards hitting back…..Lord Carrington briefs the police in London on that, and we get full agreement with the camera crews when they’re filming a demonstration that they’ll wait until the students start hitting back after their legs have been scraped. And we make sure lots of doctors are ready to tell the population that healthy supplements are dangerous, we don’t like the plebs getting a hold of those. We don’t like them living too long. Keep them drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and watching football and washing themselves in fluoride. Sports is one of our biggest things, you’ll see lots of Masons’ symbols around sports stadiums and such like. That really does convey our international agreement thing.”
Mason 1: “Putting fluoride and chlorine into their water systems, yeh. We know that makes people duller, we’ve been putting it into water systems sneakily without letting people know, then making them compete with each other in the work-place, make them work harder for the company, we do everything for the company, and we love money, man, we love money.”

Obviously you begin to wonder what they mean each time they use the word ‘us’ & ‘we’.

(nota bene: a teenager in Folkstone was recently ((within the past few months of 2006)) fined £80 for swearing aloud outside on the street recently by a female police officer. Blair has announced he wants less swearing in Britain and for more people to be punished for it. He has been against the legalisation of prostitution, has twice increased the levels of fluoride in English water systems whilst George Bush Jnr. on first coming to power immediately sanctioned arsenic being laced into American water, both sides have kept marijuana illegal, and have backed legislation restricting access to supplements in health food shops, which will in turn smash organic food sources. All the laws these neo-fascists have wanted in the early 1970s have been passed under Blair & Bush.)

This writer can contribute to that unusual conversation, that whilst someone had that conversation in the early 1970s, on hearing these details was able to say that a woman whose father had been a Mason and had worked for the BBC, informed her that Jimmy Saville was a paedophile who was getting lots of top people in television to be filmed in compromising situations, he was tricking them…..I did not tell her this corresponded with this “Masons” thing, just let her sit talking, she was taking it that Saville simply was a paed.
It may also be worth noting that Kenneth Williams, who can also be bracketed amongst those who have or have had ‘daft’ media images, wrote a public letter in 1976 supporting Mary Whitehouse in her crusade against sex on television.
One of the things those Masons said they like doing is getting people to do something which symbolises their secret subservience and control by these wrong-wing masters. It also, very importantly, makes this group of neo-fascists, who claimed they are assisted by American CIA men, Naval personnel, and most obviously the police, very powerful indeed and difficult to worm out. They’d said each time they kill someone they just phone the police, say it was them, and the police say that’s alright and do nothing at all. I’m withholding the actual exact words they use to identify these neo-fascist killings, but they do precisely what the Mafia hitman does, very easily. The difference is, the neo-fascists probably think they are the only people doing these things, whereas the Mafia hitman is under no such illusions – it’s more a case of “everyone’s at it”, into the ego-trip of getting the press and TV to utter utter drivel.

There are various oddnesses reported in the media, or simply observable in the media, and one cannot say one knows these fascists have caused these symbols, such as the Nazi-sounding “Achtung! Baby” of a U2 album, the fact that on the 26th of August 1990 a Daily Telegraph reported how the public, this time the genuine public, protested at the BBC’s use of a ‘flashing spear logo’, highly reminiscent of a nazi emblem, the nazis having a thing about this Spear of Longinus, and that was reported a few days after the death of the ten-year-old boy found hanging dead in Elstree Studios, where Doctor Who and the first Star Wars film had been made.
Or another ‘favour’ was Prince Harry turning up to a fancy dress party in a Nazi uniform causing almost every newspaper to express outrage – these neo-fascists will have given those guys a very frightening conversation, a process of attaching strings to their puppets, by means of terrifyingly strange deaths and compromising photographic images. He has also recently turned up at a “post-colonialist party” wearing a swastika armband, causing public anger again…..his throwing of three smoke-bombs at another party suggests how much intelligence is involved there…..Or the “neo-fascists” maybe got Martin Amis to inject a wrong-wing slant into his writings for them….it all contributes to a small group of people making themselves look bigger than they are. And Pete Docherty ultra-recently on stage in Germany (writing now November 2009) sang a verse of “Uber Alles” which had not been sung since the Second World War again instigating anti-nazi outrage- are these people doing these things independently or not?
It’s more obvious than you think: if you want to pay a hitman £10,000 which cannot be traced, illegalise prostitution & you’ll create pools of raw cash. Only the Mafia can want prostitution to remain illegal. And the most persistently illegalising states in the west are Britain and the United States – the United States being the country from whom we have a very-little-believed claim that the three top heads of the American Mafia terrorised a famous woman into serving the liver of John F Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald up as a meal, with fried onions and mashed Irish potatoes, in November 1963.

I am in sympathy with those people who believe Ian Huntley, the so-called Soham killer of two ten-year-old girls, is innocent, and am not swayed to the slightest extent by this ‘confession’ to his mother at his prison when he was meeting her – those “Masons” had explained how they would force people to say what they want, “we’d give you the choice, we either get our mates in the prison service to hang you from the prison bars or you say what we want you to say – we know we can kill you but we place higher value on you admitting you’re queer, or confessing that you committed the crime we’ve decided to say you’ve committed.” Just another little bit of that body of data.
It’s no wonder people don’t want to talk to the police, therefore it is the network of “conspiracy theorists” which is in possession of a little bit of information re the Soham murders. By the way, this “Soham killing” section will lead to another bit of secrecy in relation to television, this time BBC television.
With it in mind that some researchers have called these mysterious deaths of scientists working for GEC-Marconi “the Star Wars deaths”, it is kind of funny to notice ten-year-old Martin Wilson’s death was within the Star Wars studios…..anyway, a woman has contacted us “conspiracy theorists” and told us she now lives in Wales though originally from Soham. Desirous of a trip back to visit all her old friends & relatives, two weeks before the Soham killings she did just that, and during that time did a bit of sight-seeing, in exactly the same way that I have done visiting my friends in the Norfolk area, she intended to drive past Lakenheath Royal Air Force Base, or at least one of those air force bases used frequently by the Americans, very scenic and interesting to watch Starlifters landing and taking off.
Except that she couldn’t. The precise area where the bodies of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman were found had a 9/11-related road-block at it forcing her to return home.
“So how on earth I couldn’t even pass through the area and Ian Huntley could stand at that precise point trying to incinerate two children’s bodies beats me.”
Besides the military chortling about their 60 new 9/11 related surveillance cameras, 30 being given to that Lakenheath base alone, bragging “not even a rabbit’ll move without us knowing about it” six months before Holly & Jessica’s deaths.
Sitting here tidying this website up, in March 2007, I’d wondered often why Joe Vialls, much maligned by many people in Soham for reporting persistently and defensively about Ian Huntley, hadn’t used that anecdote, as it was he whose voice had described that, and only just found out that he’d died in 2005 at the age of 61, possibly more of a coincidence, thus making it look suspicious, who knows?
Nor do the police seem too keen to look at the similarity of the death of Millie Dowler, on the 21st of March, 2002, to the deaths of Holly Wells & Jessica Chapman, which occurred on the 4th of August 2002. The body of Amanda ‘Millie’ Dowler was found ‘near Fleet’ in ‘Yateley Heath Forest’ but I’ve been driven to that location and it is also strikingly near to a military base, this time Minley Manor, as in the Soham case.
My opinion inclines me to correspond the refusal of the hitman to ‘just kill’ for the military with all the strangenesses of these girls’ deaths, however my friend (pseudoname) Morag, who does not wish to be identified (saying “call me Morag”), suggests they are ‘mutes’. That is not my opinion, but at the same time I know of a supportive anecdote from a BBCTV cameraman, who blabbed confidentially in 1994, which conveys what Morag means.
“They were possibly mutes. I’ve been looking at the descriptions of the states of their bodies and that’s what they sound like.”
Sayeth Morag.
Very few readers will understand that right now, and of those who do know what she means, very few will agree with her anyway. But due to state suppression the vast majority of the public have not been allowed to apply a description of “death by the greys” to deaths of children in Britain, as a possible reason for death. (Like, the death of Genette Tate)
The individual who has been sufficiently highly placed in British society to know what it is like for Margaret Thatcher to yell “Get the telex boy” at him, described, to me confidentially, these alien beings from 39 light years away as needing to swim around in vats of blood, using mostly livestock to drain blood from, occasionally using humans, in which case they are more likely to use children for purity and ease of overpowering.
Blood will be drained from the captive human, added to the livestock blood already in the huge vat, then when they’ve got enough, the ‘greys’ jump in and swim around, absorbing the blood through pore-like vesicles located all over the skin of their entire bodies. In the reverse process of a defecationary excretion, they smell awful, there is an anecdote of President Eisenhower (mid-1950s incident) throwing his hands to his face as the stench hit him whilst being introduced to these ‘greys’ from Zeta Reticulum. Some information is available re cattle mutilations the greys are responsible for, but the human mutes are much more heavily kept out of media circulation. Possibly if the reader types this name into a search engine, “Sergeant Louette”, you may read about that one single human mute of 1956, due to the artistry of a guy called Bill English.