Part 8

Another one about the Royal Family involved me finding out about a think tank, and someone on it blabbed about their job, which is cooking up stories for the press which suit celebrities’ wishes….so was told this individual had had to sit coming up with ideas which “would keep Prince Andrew looking like he didn’t have AIDS.”
Having to play interpreter, my response was to ask:
“You mean making him look heterosexual?”
“Yes. We organised all that stuff about how he just had to have a quick look at Koo Stark, but for Royal Family interests put up with Fergie, who’s just an MI5 stooge.”
“What else have you done?”
“We organised the prostitute thing for Hugh Grant.”
“What, that….?”
“Hugh Grant & Liz Hurley were both bothered that they would just fade away if there wasn’t any publicity, so they asked us if we could come up with something that would keep them in the papers. So we organised this thing of him being caught with a prostitute, which must then have been greatly straining of his relationship with Liz Hurley, pretentiously speaking, of course she was in on it. We actually tell them when we think it’s good to appear in front of the paparazzi and when we think it’s not, stuff like that.”
“A press photographer being there just at that precise moment he drops his knickers for a pro…..s’pose it does sound unlikely.”
An American film director a few years ago, can’t recall his name, was in The Times being interviewed and he started saying how he thought all the British actors were not really doing much, not much staying power, they maybe did one big film like Kate Winslet for the Titanic for example, but you didn’t see much of them after that, then he said “In fact, Hugh Grant & Liz Hurley are the only people who’ve clung on, and that’s only really because of that prostitute thing boosting them….” He almost psychically touched on the truth of the matter there.
What else can I rat on? The bomb in BBC TV studios? On 7/7?
A bomb was placed in the BBC, says a confidential friend, on that day, as if it was to be part of the overall 7/7 fireworks extravaganza, so that when BBC Radio listeners heard a ‘disc jockey’ get up saying he was leaving the turntable for half an hour, leaving music programmed to play without stopping, whilst he was missing from approximately 1820hours to 1850hours, he was actually watching the defusing of a bomb. As if it gives someone pleasure to pull the information plug, some megalomaniac in the Beeb stopped the story..

Here’s a quote of a (once) very highly placed individual, quite randomly interposed into this spiel:

“You just need to know there’s a big antagonism between the American military and the European militaries over the way the Americans handled that Roswell thing to be pretty close to the fume-filled car job syndrome.” Quoting that just sort of conveys to the reader what sort of memories haunt this writing process.

As the preceding paragraphs come across as generally conveying the aspect of control of the information channels to the public, quite a big ‘control’ incident was the mass-death inside the grounds of Molesworth, situated approximately 40 miles to the west of Greenham Common, and the mass-death was roundabout the time of the encircling of the Greenham Common nuclear arms depot. Because this incident, massive and unbelievable as it sounds, is described as resulting in the most aggressive shutting-up of all the British media channels, it is difficult to give a precise detail such as the date on which this happened, maybe ’81-82, thereabouts, maybe even ‘83.

Approximately 30 peace demonstrators broke into Molesworth, another American-controlled base where nuclear arms were suspected to be stored, and they chained themselves to an inner perimeter fence. American “Military Police”, which is what M.P. tends to refer to in America, focussed electro-magnetic beam weapons on the demonstrators, which Greenham Common women had been informed are referred to as “zappers” by said “M.P.s”, and more or less fried them all to death.
I’ve been able to discuss whether this happened with three different people, which is very very very lucky, and partly that luck is through travelling a great deal, but having heard of this claim from one person, two other people in ensuing years have known what I’m talking about.
The next phase of this incident sounds too unexpected to make up: it is that 24 British Members of Parliament, on hearing of this, immediately procured a bus for the sole purpose of driving to Molesworth, and on arriving, walked up to the Military Police and punched them around shouting at them “Sick bastards!” and such like.
And the next phase was Americans very violently shutting up the British press, awful brave when they are on the phone, as opposed to when you’re banging them on the fizzog.
The third source for this story said “It wasn’t that weapons were fired at them. They were in a sort of cross-fire of electro-magnetic energy coming from the tower inside the zone fenced off by the inner perimeter fence, and that was what fried them. I don’t believe it was done intentionally.” Meanwhile, the vast majority of Greenpeace/CND activists reading this now will find it just unbelievable that so many could suddenly be no longer around. This third source seemed to have been fed some innocuous version of the incident, and he didn’t seem to have heard about the Members of British parliament punching the MPs. The two first sources knew of the Members of Parliament hitting back, and the incident relating to a big increase in control of the British press.

Two anecdotes sound like they would make excessively corny scenes in a film, if ever a film is made about this generally marconi subject.
One of them was told me by Gary McLaren, who began an army career in the Canadian forces, as a soldier, but on duty in Norfolk in England, he just somehow ended up staying there. He is one of the very few who has accepted his name being given, and if you are, say, a university lecturer who urges his students to have nothing to do with the defence sector if they can manage it, the following factoid is interesting.
And it is……simply that a Marconi worker is known to his circle of friends in the county of Norfolk, who, every time you hand him something electrical, like, say, would you fix this plug for me please, Maurice? then Maurice possibly tries to do his friend said favour, but starts sweating profusely and shaking badly whenever the simplest piece of electrical equipment is in his hands. No doubt the reader will see that that could come across as false looking, even if acted well, in a feature film……man I’m bursting to watch The Black Dahlia film that just came out today…….
Also a tad corny……sometimes my mind reels over this actually happening…. It’s just that one of those old, puce-faced alcoholics, never minus a stubbled chin, would occasionally come into a restaurant I frequent, (which I am not specifying, let’s have some anonymity about this website) and beg for soup, which they did give him, except once he started exclaiming “State secrets! It wuz state secrets!” but everybody carried on drinking their tea, eating their meals. Then we heard his voice annoying us again:
“State secrets! They killed ‘um becauseistatesecrets!”
People under-estimate how unsuspicious a person I am, and like every single other person who must have heard this old guy try to draw attention to a dreadful crime of state putridity, I just got up from my seat and walked out.
Over the ensuing lazily lived through months of that year, 1996, some vague image came across to me of someone having been found dead in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket, of someone living in one of those special places for homeless people, however he had turned out to not actually be quite like all the rest – like Muz Murray running from the BBC, it seems someone chose to act like he was some mere non-entity style dypso, and whilst inter-acting with the ‘dossers’ he now had for company, one of the many slang words for those people, he’d let slip he had actually been a worker in a highly secretive area of British industry, GEC-Marconi, and he really was hiding from his employers who might come after him and silence him.
And silence him they did. In months prior to old Murdo coming out with those terrified utterances, a young man was reported dead from alcoholic poisoning, all he had been was a ‘down-and-out’ as far as the local Edinburgh press were concerned, nothing more. The ‘dossers’, however, knew otherwise. He’d been murdered, The Man Who Knew Too Much, as one of those old thirty-niners once put it. Never found out more than that, never investigated it, nothing, to my chronic regret.
And Murdo died soon after that, am not sure if that was the guy who was reported in the Edinburgh Evening News as just keeling over on a park bench in “The Meadows”, a not-unexpected eventuality.

……….the constant almost fugue-like occurrence of that time-honoured phrase, A Load Of Rubbish Went Into The Papers. Imagine some famous comedian selling “The Daily Rubbish” to passers-by in Blackfriars in London, “Would you like the Daily Rubbish sir? Fine, that’ll be just £29.99 pence inclusive of vat. Cheap at the price. Thank you…….would you like the Daily Rubbish sir, just a penny short of thirty. Thank You. Would you like the Daily Rubbish…..??!!? Oh you would like the truth? Well just hobble down to the Snail & Foreskin, and there’s a guy called Fred always standing just to one side of the bar, always drinking London’s Pride, he’ll tell you moment by moment what’s happening in Tony Blair’s office….goss at the mome is they can’t sack John Prescott coz he’ll go and tell everyone Tony’s a tin roof…..yeh, that’s right, in fact the CIA blackmailed poor old Miranda, you know wot oi mean don’t you, christ you don’t need told yuh fuckah!!! Anyway, yeh, they blackmailed Miranda into going to war against Iraq, there’s a big vibe about that….all the big names are gassin’ about that all the time. The heart operation in Egypt’s old hat now. He was sort of wearing a funny shirt at Xmas time.”

There are one or two other factors worth making the reader aware of.
Tony Collins, for instance, has tried to sue the BBC, over a manuscript he sent into them, displaying a drama upon its pages based upon his unique insight into the Marconi problem.
He heard nothing back for two years. And when he heard something back, it was via a play appearing on BBC TV in a series called “Between The Lines” which was so virtually Tony’s play, he sued, and the BBC, very rarely in such instances of ‘idea theft’ (not ‘copyright theft’, you see, where the purloined story has sufficiently similar written lines in it to be justifiably seen as obvious provable theft) agreed upon an out-of-court settlement.
The reader should type into a search engine “Maureen Plantagenet, Guardian writer”, to read the amazing article about how unceasingly this goes on in the BBC, in which she claims this problem is not as bad in Independent TV stations, not that it doesn’t occur.
The problem with Tony Collins, though, involves more ramifications: was he, as the main and only investigator of the GEC-Marconi syndrome of mysterious deaths of its scientists, in sending a play based upon this into an office deep within a Guglielmo Marconi-related industry, television in this instance, being oddly reacted to in fear that he might notice one, just one, similar style of take-out of a BBC, or any audiovisual entertainments, worker?
And how utterly jejune of the BBC’s thieving writers’ imaginations that this play had shown so little variation from the original they’d pinched, in failing horribly miserably to render their production different from Tony’s, that the judge granted him this very rare compensation.
Thought also, during that TV conference in Edinburgh which Plantagenet reports on in that uploaded Guardian article, would’ve made more of a thing that it’s happening more frequently in the BBC…..

Another indication of corrupt plotting in the BBC involves two witnesses to the following, wondering how much to say about the witnesses…..maybe victims would be a better word, though in a somewhat inverse sense….in that the ‘victims’, had they given in to the BBC financiers, would be better off financially by a small amount had they given in to the following suggestion:
The first witness I’m citing is the more recently encountered….this guy is a free software campaigner, and he’d gone to BBC offices on business favourable to the BBC, but the odd vibes started whenever he’d told them his expenses – he’d chosen the cheapest mode of transport to these offices, but unfortunately that made them unhappy – (“They sort of looked a little bit upset”) they wanted him to have chosen the most expensive manner of transport, via a taxi, and so intent were they on that, they gave him the equivalent of a taxi fare fully aware that he’d taken the bus, and then wrote that into the books! We didn’t falsify the books, no, because we gave him the money, see?
Personally, I would call the taxi fare thing falsification regardless, but you’ll see what I really mean when the other guy they did this with, to appear on a TV programme, was shocked at them over-willingly paying him a taxi fare, when he’d come three or so hundred miles, and had travelled on a bus.

So it’s obvious they are making sure they get a huge hike in the TV licence by looking more expensive than they are.


Five retired military electronics experts have experienced trouble during their retirement through surveillance, and the author is making a decision to preclude these cases’ details from this discourse. The internet is not miraculous, and I just cannot feel like I’ve written a book into webspace. Suffice to say, one of these cases involved a professional group (I’m being deliberately vague) maybe builders, electricians, TV crew, anything – not saying) but that professional body phoned back to that house they had just been visiting, and asked “Is there any reason for your phone to be tapped?”. You have to imagine this is some one living out his retirement, an aging old guy, increasingly infirm, worsening medical problems, having been living in his country cottage in peace for a good ten years if not more, to suddenly get a question like that. Such is the paranoia of MI5 and hoods like them, their pals the CIA et al. (No doubt including Mossad.)
He’d had to answer, “well, I was employed in Signals Intelligence when I was in the army, signed the official secrets act an’ that…..” to be then informed “Well, we think we should let you know, while we were doing the work you had asked us to do, we decided your house is definitely bugged by electronic listening devices.” ………and similarly with 4 other cases besides him……

So what advice can one give? Here are some capitalised suggestions: