Part 9

If someone ever made a filmed reconstruction of the so-called accidental shooting of Stephen Waldorf, there’d be quite a few odd moments to re-enact.
It would certainly start with some action, as the criminal David Martin, we’re assuming this guy David Martin was a criminal, is seen in a room stacked up with videos (simply ‘worked in the video industry’) a cop comes in to arrest him, Martin then shoots the pig in the balls. In December 1982, described as having lots of holsters and bullet belts around his body as he did so.


David Martin was captured nevertheless, and he was due for trial on the 24th of December, so the first thing a director of a film would find odd is directing that the guy responsible for putting Martin in a cell within the building where he was to be tried in London: forget to lock the door, which Martin then notices.
Martin then lets himself out, walks through the courtroom then out into freedom and is then announced as on the loose. He was then free for a few months, which should have been a few weeks.
How the next thing happens is difficult to see. David Martin had red hair and was 35, and the police claim they had already been watching him from an opposite bedsit for a few days prior to this de Menezes-reminiscent incident on the 14th of January 1983. Stephen Waldorf has light-brown hair, and at the time was mid-twenties, asserted by casual friend Sue Stevens (who was to be in the car involved in the following ‘hoe-down’ as an American might have described it) as looking much younger even than that.
Somehow David Martin has changed into Stephen Waldorf before the very eyes of the police, in the process of the police following him.
Waldorf and his friends hired a car, a mini, and drove off, and while Stephen sorted out the hiring of the car, standing in front of the car-hire firm offices, the police claim they were making sure at that point they were still following David Martin, and thought they were looking at David Martin, making sure it was David Martin, the act of Waldorf standing in front of the car-hire offices enabling the police to make sure it was “David Martin”, the police themselves said. It was of course now light-brown haired Stephen Waldorf, and as they drove off, with three other people in the car, police were now tailing them.
So it was on the 14th of January, stopped in a traffic jam in Pembroke Road, car stationary, Stephen Waldorf in the front seat, the police fired five bullets into his head and body through the glass of the car’s front window, he then fell out of the car with blood pouring from him, at which the police began laughing, whilst one of them went up to Waldorf and began to add pistol-whipping to the effort to summarily execute him. (In fact, a recent detail through an in-depth TV programme of this attack on Stephen Waldorf, was that the pistol-whipping policeman had wrongly counted the bullets emptied from his gun, thought there was one bullet left, and had put the barrel of the gun at the middle of Stephen Waldorf’s forehead and pulled the trigger, Waldorf only alive right now because the gun was empty.)
Martin was eventually caught in a Harry Lime-like chase along London sewers, and was then found hung from the prison bars by the prison officers later on in 1984, despite having given the pigs a good excuse to murder someone who’s job it is to cut up film submitted to TV studios.
As per the question of whether the police are “walking along by the sides of demonstrators, scraping their shins and digging their truncheons into their kidneys and such like”, doing this dependently on the camera crews colluding with them, such that these provocations are sliced out of the film, did the attempt to exterminate Waldorf relate to the police feeling they were increasingly losing their power and influence in the editing rooms?

Now the really optimistic bit: hopefully people will contact me with anything they can add to these dreadful stories: the girl who proffered cigarettes to David Martin as he stood in the witness box when he really did go on trial for all that: did Martin simply know too much? If anyone can come up with any weird story, has any experience of the odd behaviour of audiovisual entertainments personnel, any strange death, if anyone can tell who that kissagram guy was and when he died, even roughly so I could maybe go back over the records and find a reference to his demise, tell me why Moira Stuart, John Humphrys, et al, wanted to sue their bosses, or tell me about this thing of paying people like her £150,000 to keep her mouth shut, that would be great.

ravemoncoeur [at] is where responses need to go.

So all you people in Universities, Rock Groups, in anything: we need to watch for people who have been inducted into extreme wrong-wing groups: we need to ask around respective vicinities enquiring as to whether people we have suspicions of are members of odd-sounding wrong-wing groups.

A friend of mine was asked, three times, whilst serving his sentence at Liverpool University, by a specific lecturer there, as to whether he wanted to join “the masons”, and the author hopes he’s made it clear that someone soliciting such membership will not be a member of what he’s telling you he is. When coming upon such a toady, bearing in mind liars supposedly cannot prevent themselves looking down and/or to the side, quiz him (mostly hims, don’t want to be sexist or anything) as to whether he:

knows about this thing of framing, generating false
of media personalities being child molesters (mostly)

smashing planes into buildings

manipulating mafiosis into going over the Italian border to do
“jobs” in Russia

doggedly draining resources from the Russian territories over

showing off how blandly they kill people, giving the death a
daftish sort of overtone, e.g. the leaf of orange in the mouth of
Stephen Milligan, so that when they say to prospective controllees
“we did it” “they’ll realise we must be telling the truth”, “…then
we get them to do things for us.”

Was it your friends who put all the corpses under “Fred West’s”
floorboards? Know about that sort of ‘unbelievable’ thing?

Ask these guys all these questions and more if you can think of them (a good one is ‘was that Lockerbie crash a deliberately induced mid-air collision?’) then internetise them (you wouldn’t want to televise them would you?), use the deadly internet on them, which the capitalist press is hoping to suppress via paedophile claims and anything else perverse they can come up with, any excuse’ll do.

Well, apart from having been told that the Lockerbie crash in Decenber 1988 was not a bomb but a mid-air collision with a Harrier jump-jet, in January 1993, with American FBI agents running around stuffing £40,000 into local villagers’ hands, it was December 2004 that someone told me the Shap crash, of a ‘Hawk’ style fighter, on the 22nd of October 1999, which was put into the papers as a crash of one aeroplane, was also a mid-air collision with American military officers stopping Shap villagers from blabbing about it.
I’d stood there in that Morrison’s Bar in January 1993 dubious about the Lockerbie claim, but when my friend Margaret started telling me about the Shap crash in 2004, with no idea of its significance to me personally, it was even more disturbing due to having been through such a conversation already.
Margaret & I were simply sitting drinking hot liquids, herbal tea for me and coffee for her, and I started saying the standing stone near to Shap was really beautiful, well worth seeing, with evident sculpting of the land nearby, by people of 4,000 years ago. It turned out Margaret and a friend of hers had made an effort to see this standing stone, so obviously I wasn’t sitting there expecting another bit of information that was going to stun and disturb me. Also, because she never reads the newspapers, she had no idea of the significance of the following reaction of hers:
“We weren’t able to go any further than Shap. American military officers told us not to turn up that way, because there was another military plane up there that had crashed, so they told us to turn down that way. They said there’d been a mid-air collision and they didn’t want anyone to go near the other plane.”
“What?! But the Shap crash wasn’t a mid-air collision………was there a lorry…?”
“Yes. A lorry driver had been hurt.”
“Yes. That’s right. That is the Shap crash. The Hawk caught the side of his lorry cabin. That went into the papers as because of the malfunctioning of the equipment of the Hawk and nothing else involved. Did you not read about it?”
“No. I never read the newspapers.”
“I’m not sure what the bigger coincidence is, you sitting telling me about this when I’ve already been told about the Lockerbie thing having really been a mid-air collision, or you never reading the newspapers, for which reason this Shap case has never been claimed to have been a pack of lies publically, by you…..where would you say the actual known plane was?”
“Some of it had landed on railway tracks. Both men had been killed.”
“I’ll phone Shiobhon tomorrow and correspond what you say with what she knows about it.”
A friend had visited the Shap site with me, and on mentioning the Shap crash to local Shap villagers, she’d found them surprisingly tight-lipped. We photographed the plaque memorial bolted to a small dry-stone dyke, but at the time we were mostly excited by the really gorgeous ‘standing stone’, and the saddle-shaped landform close by, photographing each other standing next to it.
She answered me, after I’d told her Margaret’s info, that the Hawk-style fighter had indeed splattered a railway, debris was all about the tracks, so with me in an incredulous state of mind, we’d verified Margaret had been ordered away from the same………mid-air collision.
The Shap villagers appear to have seen only one aircraft, going by reports on the internet, light was good when it happened, but supportively of Margaret’s suggestion of media lies, is the fact that if you look for the deposition relating to investigation of the crash, the families of the two men express considerable unhappiness with the authorities’ report, as if they can sense it could not have been what the authorities claimed it was. If they met Margaret they would be even less happy.
I’ve mentioned this question of those mysterious ‘crashes’ to a very highly placed civil servant, employed in the defence sector, who did sound worried that he was being watched by his bosses, black cars following him wherever he was going and stuff, oddly behaving persons coincidentally booking in at the same hotels as him and such like, I started off by saying,
“There’ve been quite a few crashes of military jets, like one on the 14th of October, one on the 22nd, one on the 31st of October….all the October of 1999…..”
“Oh, you’re into all the crashes of Tornadoes are you, or mostly Tornadoes …..…there’s been quite a few more of those than they’ve said in the papers.”
And he mysteriously wouldn’t say anymore than that.
“I just know it’s somethin’ they’re keepin’ out.”
So I let him change the subject.

That weird thing of 25 Irish Republican Army experts all being killed in a Chinook helicopter as it bashed into a mountain in 1994, plus crew making it 29 people killed in total. Well, someone thinks that was a mid-air collision.
“The garage I work at, we frequently get asked to do delivery jobs to Machrihanish. This time everybody was refusing to do the job, it was to deliver a van overnight, and come back home on a train in the morning, or maybe a combination of buses and trains, coz it’s quite a complicated place to come home from. Anyway, I eventually said ‘I’ll do it’, so I drove over in the van and it took me all night to get there, so I got in in the early morning. It just so happened that the Chinook crash had just happened….”
“Wot?!? That IRA thing, experts….?”
“Yeh. The wreckage was in two separate buildings, two warehouse-type places, and they definitely were two completely different types of aircraft. But of course I had to act like I wasn’t really interested and carried on drivin’ on, and just to cap it all off the Aurora landed as well.”
With the Chinook crash having happened on June 2nd 1994, the British and American authorities had stated recently that the Aurora was ‘no longer’ landing at Machrihanish, and in fact that the Machrihanish base was being decommissioned, so why were they sending new material into it, and by the way, in case you didn’t know, it has the longest runway in Europe?
As if something different was gonna land there, like?
Shiobhon found out that after the Chinook crash, doing her own research into the crash, that the British had expelled all Americans from the Machrihanish base, to which the Chinook helicopter was supposedly heading.

So a recap……….

At this base called Molesworth, American Military Police had zapped, microwaved, to death some number of anti-nuclear peace demonstrators, roundabout 1982.

American FBI agents ran around stuffing £40,000 into Scottish Lockerbie villagers’ hands on the morning of the 22nd of December 1988, having put on deliberate collision course a Harrier jump-jet with Pan-Am 103.

In 1994 after the obliteration of the Chinook helicopter by an “uncorrelated track” Americans were expelled from the British military base it was headed for.

American military officers are responsible for my friend Margaret being ordered away from the Shap standing stone site, because a ‘mid-air collision’ had occurred and they didn’t want her to see the other craft, in October 1999.

In my opinion, “London Psychogeographical Society” published a newsletter with a quite important photograph in it, can’t remember the issue number, recall this from the mid-1990s, and it is a photograph of a large board, plonked in the middle of London’s “The Isle of Dogs”, stating “This Is United States Property”, with nothing else significant that it is attached to, like the gates of an American military depot would be.
So it seems the Americans like to push us around.
In 2006 (Yo Blair…..?) anyone reading this can think of a multitude of examples of this.

American forces sent over a large cache of electro-magnetic beam weapons late in 1979, and the soldier who told my Claudia Schiffer-a-like friend about this, in 1992, immediately looked frightened when he told her this. He’d looked alright describing the electro-magnetic beam weapon (“those zapper things”, as Greenham Common women had called them) to her, which, he did not know, she believed had been driven up to and fired at her, at the age of – in the year 19 – , pregnant to a 25-year-old defector from the British Army to the Irish Republican Army, inducing the worst miscarriage the doctors had ever seen, the worst condition of a foetus they’d ever had the misfortune to witness. As if it had been fried.

And the Molesworth friends also looked fried.

What “Mnemone” had seen, this is a pseudonym agreed between the two of us for her, was a red car being driven up to her repeatedly, the car door swinging open, whereupon she saw a woman sitting at the wheel with a box on her lap with a wire “leading to the condenser”. Every single day for about four to six weeks in the autumn of nineteen something-or-other Mnemone had got up out of bed, opened up the curtains, in a bedsit in London’s Brick Lane, which unluckily for Mnemone was on the ground floor, to see this woman sitting there with the car door open, pushing buttons on the back of this box immediately she caught sight of her target.
When Mnemone visited her father’s house where she carried on learning the cello, this house is in a nice choice piece of Yatton, and the zapper-car followed her there, the zapper was pointed at gaps through curtains as she sat with the cello between her knees. She noticed the car was red, and this is known to be MI5’s favourite colour of car due to it supposedly being the highest frequency of occurrence on the public roads.
Within four to six weeks this prospective wife was a lunatic in the local psychiatric wards. She suddenly became, to me, irrationally religious, believing icons of Jesus and saints and things like that could cry and bleed, that these icons were doing this in her bedroom. The hospital had her for approximately 8 years, then she heard the Greenham women had been talking about these zappers which the American MPs had been firing at them, driven up in the backs of vans, emitting subtly interferential waves which induced amenorrhoea, head-aches, vomiting, and which the military categorise as “non-lethal weapons”.
The soldier Mnemone intentionally seduced, with the intention of finding out more about these weapons “from the horse’s mouth”, as it were, described what the victims of these ‘booby-boxes’ said they experienced, which is an increasing blackness of everything around them “he said they just see the whole world goin’ black ‘n’ they just flip totally. He didn’t seem to bother about describin’ them to me up to a point, but when he said Americans had sent them over in 1979, he genuinely looked frightened at that point, and asked me not to repeat that.”
The British have been most noticeably reticent regarding mentioning of “the electro-magnetic smog”, as they refer to circumambient electro-magnetic pollution in Germany, generated by hundreds of TV stations, hundreds of radio stations, pylons, everything electrical in our houses, because the Germans are aware of the seriousness of psycho-reactive aspects of these electro-magnetic fields, such that no-one at all is as peaceful as they should be feeling, the same being true for our pets, and the diseases which are induceable by such fields. Which are: leukaemia
Crohn’s disease
…and straight-forward physical
damage to the brain, as Mnemone
suffered via a raising of the temperature
of that organ.